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Your Masturbation Questions

On this page we answer some of the questions our readers send us. If you have a question simply email us and we may have an answer for you.

Good Practice

I'm horny most of the time. Students at college say I should masturbate before homework so I can concentrate better. Will that help?

Yes, follow their advice. A high sex drive can really interfere with your studies. After relieving sexual tension you will have a few peaceful hours to focus on your homework. When you're done with it, reward yourself with another go.

Reader Reply: It worked! Every day before and after college I have a go in the bath or shower, often still wearing my clothes because I can't wait. Then I feel refreshed and my grades have improved as I can concentrate on my homework. Thank you.

Why do guys relieve stress by masturbating?

Because it's fun, free and effective. Masturbation is one of the best ways to relieve stress. It releases relaxing hormones that lead to a state of wellbeing.

Why do men masturbate more than women?

Masturbation is universal among men past puberty, while only three quarters of women have done so by their 18th birthday. The reasons why men masturbate are:

  1. They enjoy it
  2. Their sex drive is higher
  3. They release built-up sexual fluids
  4. They keep their sperm in good condition

These last two reasons amount to a biological imperative for men to masturbate. Women don't need to do that. So it is understandable that more men masturbate and make a regular healthy habit of it.

I prefer clothed erotic images to nude ones. Is this normal?

Yes, many guys feel this way. Clothes are usually designed to bring out the best in you. Also, there is a sense of being teased when something is left to the imagination.

Wet clothes have a special appeal to many. White clothes may go transparent when wet. Sportswear is popular for this. Give that a try.

When masturbating I usually think about guys. But after I ejaculate, I'm completely grossed out about being gay. What gives?

Forget about straight and gay. What you think about in your fantasy is completely up to you, and private. A lot of guys also think about guys, or both guys and girls. Many straight guys masturbate together regularly.

You should be open to the idea of being straight or being gay, or something in between. Focus on what you'd rather think about and see if you can still ejaculate.

Is it good to masturbate with friends?

Yes, absolutely. You'll learn to relate to others sexually, instead of playing all alone. Men who remain virgins past the age of 20 have trouble adjusting sexually to a partner. So, go for it!

More straight guys masturbate with male friends these days. It is a nice new trend. Getting wet in clothes seems to help this along as it is very sensual and get them horny. Ask your friends if they want to get dressed, get wet, and get horny in the water.

My most satisfying orgasms are those when I clearly feel the progression of the semen all the way through my penis and feel each spurt as it shoots out. Is there a way to make this a part of every ejaculation?

Most guys equate orgasmic pleasure with the quantity of semen ejaculated. Stimulate yourself for as long as possible before ejaculation, delay your orgasm. When you're heavily aroused your body secretes more of the fluids that make up an ejaculation, and they tend to build up. When you finally ejaculate, you'll shoot more semen, and it will feel better. Also, drinking lots of water over an hour or so before each session can help increase the ejaculate volume.

Masturbation is great fun!
Why doesn't everybody do it?

Let us clue you into a little secret: Almost every guy does it, only a few claim to never masturbate. Some researchers say there are no men past puberty who never masturbate. Enjoy!

Masturbation Frequency

How often should I masturbate?

We recommend you do it once or twice daily if you have the time and feel the urge. Between 6 and 8 in the morning and in the evening is the best time, when your sex hormone levels are the highest. See the questions below.

I masturbate about seven times a day, which is a lot. Is there a way to bring down my horniness?

For centuries adults have tried to use sports and other activities to reduce the sex drive in teenage boys. Nothing seems to work except masturbation, but it is only a temporary a solution. Explore this website for ways to achieve a deeper orgasm which should reduce the urge for longer.

I've heard about some people masturbating seven times a day. I can't even have a third orgasm in one day. How do they do it?

Everybody's different, and just because some people masturbate more often than you do doesn't mean you're not perfectly healthy and normal. However, we understand your wish to enjoy this healthy fun activity more often.

First of all, get fit. A healthy lifestyle with good exercise and nutritious food will improve your overall health. It can improve your sex life and give you the strength and stamina you want.

Start swimming regularly. If possible swim in loose fitting clothes which feel very sensual and will probably give you a nice erection. Touch your penis inside the soft wet fabric.

Make sure you relax when you masturbate. Go easy, go slow. If you are too tense or can't wait to cum then you may limit yourself. Try new techniques like the ones we share on this website. Over time this may increase your testosterone levels and thus your sexual desire.

I masturbate about once a day. I really want to stop, but I can't. I always get this awful guilty feeling after I do it. I got blue balls, but I couldn't ejaculate.

First, you have to accept masturbation as something normal, healthy and necessary. It is something all men just have to do, including you. It is necessary just like brushing your teeth.

Think like this after you masturbated: "This is great. I'm glad I did that. I'm normal and have healthy sexual functioning." Work on feeling less guilty, so you'll enjoy masturbating more and be able to ejaculate more readily. Perhaps you can find a male friend to discuss this with, or practice together.

Masturbation and Health

Is masturbation healthy?

Yes, very much so. Masturbating is normal and essential for your sexual health. It releases stale body fluids and promotes good blood circulation. Therefore, it should be part of your personal health and fitness care.

Masturbation helps to relieve stress, stimulates the immune system to build up resistance to common infections, releases mood elevating hormones, helps when you have trouble falling asleep, reduces embarrassing spontaneous erections and unwanted wet dreams for young men.

Is it necessary to masturbate at all?

Yes, it is necessary for you to masturbate, because it is necessary for guys past puberty to ejaculate. The male sexual organs produce a number of fluids that have to be eliminated periodically. Doctors specializing in sexuality generally agree that a man must ejaculate at least once a week to keep healthy. However, most guys ejaculate more often than this.

Don't abstain from sex and masturbation for an extended period. It may cause some distinct changes in your personality for the worse. Men have evolved to have sex, and if we don't it's bad for us.

If you don't ejaculate while having fun with friends, or during wet dreams, then it is necessary for you to masturbate.

Is it safe to swallow semen?

Yes, it is digestible, gets absorbed into your body and used by various cells. Avoid swallowing other guys' semen for health reasons. Only use your own jizz.

When is the best time?

Your sex hormone (testostrone) levels are highest around sunrise and sunset. This would be a good time to get busy. In the morning it will wake you up and get your circulation going. In the evening it will make you sleepy.

What are Blue Balls?

Prolonged sexual arousal in men without an ejaculation can cause pain due to blood congestion in the genital area. The proper term for "Blue balls" is vasocongestion, a discomfort in the male pelvic area caused by sexual arousal going unrelieved by ejaculation.

The cure is to ejaculate if you have been sexually aroused for a while. Your body doesn't care whether you ejaculate through vaginal intercourse, manual intercourse (i.e., your partner's hands), or masturbation.

If not relieved by ejaculation, the congestion will go away within a few hours. It is quite unethical to use "blue balls" to pressure your partner into intercourse.

Can masturbation cause a sperm shortage?

No. It doesn't cause any long term shortage. Men manufacture sperm as needed. You can keep this running in a healthy way by masturbating several times a week. After you masturbate your sperm count may be low, but you will regain the required amount of sperm within a day or two.

The spermatozoa (sperms) are made in the testicles and stored in seminal vesicles. This process goes on every day. The sperms stored in seminal vesicles are shed either by sex, masturbation or by involuntary nocturnal emissions. So sperms are maximum stored for 24 to 48 hours in the body before they are shed off by the above actions.

I am 18 years old and have masturbated many times. Now my penis shrinks after I have an orgasm and ejaculate. Later it goes back to normal, but it takes a few days to fully regain its size. Is this normal?

At your age, as I'm sure you know, hormones are raging through your body. When you haven't masturbated in a while, this can result in your penis being in some condition of low-grade erection 24 hours a day. When this happens, your penis isn't necessarily firm or erect but does have some added thickness, since it contains more blood than at other times.

After you masturbate, your penis may become completely un-erect for a while. The shape you're seeing is just what your penis is like in a state of non-erection. Then, as time passes, you begin to develop that base-level erection again. Don't worry about it. You're just loaded and ready for more fun. Enjoy!

Does masturbation help with weight loss? It seems like I get skinnier after masturbating.

Weight loss is caused by burning calories than you consume. Masturbation burns calories like any exercise, such as swimming, running or cycling, perhaps not as much. The longer you play the more calories you use, roughly about 500 kcals per half hour. This is one of the most enjoyable ways to lose weight. Combine it with a calorie controlled diet and good nutrition and you'll be a hot stud soon.

What are these white pimples around my penis head?

They are called Penile Papules. They are harmless and slowly become less noticeable with age. They are not a disease and are not transmitted sexually. There is no medical treatment for them.

What causes that "squishy" sound that comes from my penis when I masturbate?

Let's assume you're not talking about the sound of a lubed-up hand on the penis, but rather the "squishy" sound that sometimes happens even without lube. Just inside your penis head, the urethra (the tube that carries urine and semen) widens out a bit, forming a little "reservoir." When you masturbate, that "squishy" sound is air going in and out of the urethra to and from this reservoir. If you secrete a lot of Cowper's gland fluid ("pre-cum"), you may have noticed that it tends to get a little bubbly when you masturbate; that, too, is a result of air entering and exiting in this way.

Masturbation and Sports

Is masturbation a good exercise?

It is indeed a great exercise and can burn up to 500 kcals per session if you do it long enough. It is good for your heart, gets the blood flowing more. Make it part of your cardiovascular training programme. You can masturbate as often as your body will allow you to.

Does masturbation reduce my sports performance?

Yes and No. In Tantra we teach that you can have an orgasm without ejaculation. Masturbating before sports can be envigorating fun, as long as you don't ejaculate. After you cum, a hormone will relax you and make you possibly a bit sleepy, which may not be so good for sports. Save your jizz for the shower after your training and you'll have a blast.

Try this: Start masturbating in a relaxed way, but do not climax, just let the sexual energy build up. Then do your workout with the added oomph from the powerful energy in you. After your session let your juices flow and have a good time.

I masturbate 2-5 times a week. Does it affect my capability to get bigger muscles?

A few sessions a week won't hurt you and will keep you sane. Provided you aren't doing it so often that you're rubbing the skin raw, you'll be fine. Make sure you use both hands to ensure bilateral wrist and forearm growth. Big muscles on one arm and a whimpy other arm doesn't look good.

  1. Masturbation has no side effects.
  2. Masturbation will not affect your exercise.
  3. Frequency is dependent on your needs. It can be any amount.

Does masturbation decrease body nutrients and my body condition?

The main challenge is that there is zinc in semen, which gets used up when masturbating. Zinc is an essential nutrient for many things including muscle growth. Take a multivitamin and an extra glass of water every day for 'recovery'.

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