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Time to get some Practice

On this page you find some joyful games for your daily bath time. Regular exercise keeps you fit for fun and is very healthy, keeps your parts fresh and clean. Allow some undisturbed time for this. Clear your mind, make space for bliss.

These games can be enhanced by wearing thin clothes in the bath, like an oversize T-shirt, hoodie, or rain cape and loose fitting lightweight pants that will cling to your body when wet. It will give you a feeling like being touched all over.

Ring of Fire

This game will give you more control over your ejaculation. It is all about stroking your penis carefully and can get quite intense. The goal is to reach a skill level where you decide when you want to shoot your white stuff.

You may need lubricant for this unless you play this in a soft nylon poncho or rain cape with lots of soapy water. It works best when you keep your penis in a soft and slippery place.

Make a ring with your thumb and index finger. Stroke only the glans, your penis head. Do not touch any of the sensitive area behind the glans. Do this for as long as you can stand it.

Then, with a firm grip, bring your thumb/finger "ring" over the top part of the shaft and stroke. The release/relief is almost as good as orgasm, even though you haven't ejaculated yet.

After the initial feeling of relief, repeat the process. Try to hold out as long as you can each time. You will finally get to the point where you will just want to cum.

Surfing the Wave

Surf the wave of pleasure. Stay at the intense point before an orgasm for longer than usual. It will give you period of extreme well-being.

Sit down and get an erection. Fully retract your foreskin to reveal the glans. Use your fingers to move the skin on the base of the penis up and down, as if you were masturbating in the normal way but do not touch the glans (penis head) or move the skin over the glans. Keep the foreskin retracted at all times.

You will notice it is very difficult to get an orgasm this way, since there is no glans stimulation. It's meant to be like this; don't worry. You can use your left hand to stimulate other parts of your body, like your nipples, if that excites you more.

After 5-10 minutes, you will get close to orgasm. Do not start moving the foreskin over the glans; keep moving the skin on the base only. When you feel close to the "point of no return," slow down. Keep moving very slowly during this moment. If you do this right, you can "surf" on this wave for a while, a mind-blowing feeling!

You may find you can surf the wave for way longer than just 5 - 10 minutes. Each time you feel like you're getting close just slow down, and then start up again gradually. Always grip your shaft tight and feel each and every ridge and vein. Soon your entire penis becomes red and is literally throbbing!

After a while you feel a strong urge to cum. When you're ready to let it spurt, just go to the head and let it rip, and ejaculation follows with a big blowout. Now you will feel very relieved. Roll your foreskin back over the glans and clean up.

Stop & Go

A game about ejaculation control and dry orgasms.

Begin to masturbate in your favourite position, but right before you ejaculate, STOP. Put your hands down, or put them behind your head, so you don't ejaculate.

If you feel like you are about to ejaculate, tighten the PC muscle like you do to control your pee. This may initially misfire, but after a while you'll get the hang of it.

Once you get good at this you may experience a dry orgasm. This is what we're looking for and it feels just as good as a regular orgasm, but you dont't ejaculate.

After the first dry orgasm, let your erection get a little soft and then start again. Right before you ejaculate, STOP. Look out for another orgasm. Simply allow it, but tighten your PC muscle.

If you do this four to six times you will feel a strong urge to cum. Not only will this prolong your session greatly, it will make you ejaculate a lot more semen.

Timed Release

This is a final countdown towards a very intense orgasm. Because you build up so much excitement in the games before, you will shood a lot of white stuff into your wet clothes.

After you have masturbated for a leisurely long time (with many stops and starts), set a digital alarm clock to go off in 10 minutes. Make sure it only displays minutes, not seconds.

Don't let yourself ejaculate until the timer goes off. Refrain from looking at the clock for the first few minutes. As the ejaculation time draws near, occasionally glance at it, but don't stare.

When there's one minute left on the clock, you'll go crazy with anticipation because the alarm could ring at any second. Try to hover right on the edge so you can orgasm immediately when the alarm rings.

It will seem like an eternity. When the alarm goes off you will cum very deliciously. Enjoy!

Post Orgasmic Bliss

Here comes the best part: After such an intense masturbation session, relax and feel the extreme well being. Take your time. Notice how your penis gets slowly soft again and how your balls slowly descend back down to their loose position. Feel how your wet clothes float around you in the water and caress you gently. It's a beautiful reward for all the effort you put in to learn more about blissful sex.

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