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Introduction to Sex in Wet Clothes

Be who you are and say what you want,
because those who mind don't matter,
and those who matter don't mind.
    Dr. Seuss

Clothes have a certain texture and feel. If they are soft and comfy, fit well, and pleasantly touch our skin, then we sensually feel good and happy. This may lead to sexual arousal.

When clothes get wet, this sensation becomes much stronger. We feel a much more intense touch on our skin.

For many this is a relaxing sensation, for others it is very exciting, for some it is a powerful sexual turn on. In any case it can lead to a beautiful experience.

Get ready to explore the full range of fun in wet clothes, from still meditation, to sports, to all out sexual excitement with your friends.

Male Sexuality

Most erotic websites focus on women. To put the balance right, we focus on the male aspects of feelings and energy that guys in the Western world are definitely NOT trained for. However, you can learn and enjoy.

Recognising your feelings and connecting through the heart is more challenging for men than women. If you can get past your inhibitions, you will learn amazing things about your body and wholly embrace what we do. Simply experiment with yourself and good friends. We place no moral judgement on your sexual preferences.

Overcoming Polarisations

Don't be concerned with any sexual orientation; gay or straight, heterosexual or homosexual, are all equally irrelevant and meaningless.

Difficulty only results from artificial distinctions placed on otherwise omnisexual humans. To label individuals as either distinctly heterosexual or homosexual allows for no versatile people between the two poles or extremes. It only leads to suffering.

In reality there is only sex and orgasm which can take many forms. You don't have to surrender your masculinity to be sexual with another man. The focus is not on who you do it with, but how you do it.

Simply put, the rigid separation into "gay" and "straight," homosexual and heterosexual, didn't occur until the 19th century when some German psychiatrists tried to label people by their behaviour which led to great suffering in the 20th century.

Before then, most cultures supported and even celebrated homosexual acts among "ordinary" men, though virtually all condemned anal penetration.

We hope to help overcome such polarisations and help you become free in your emotional and sexual expression.

Now go and put on some comfy clothes that can get soaking wet, so you're ready for what we share with you on this wetsite.

Go for a Beautiful Discovery

Be good to yourself. Find time.
Enjoy your favourite pleasure.

Seek the balance
between your highs and lows,
your activity and rest,
your parties and quiet times.

Then, after all the fun and ecstatic joy,
find a moment of peace and quiet.

Look inside and feel yourself.
Breathe deeply and let go.

Balance is the key.
Be like Zorba the Buddha.

Open your mind
like a Lotus flower.

Prepare Your Sexual Adventure

On this page you find preparation tips to make your session most enjoyable. It applies to shared fun, massages, water meditation or playing on your own. The key is to relax and stay in the here and now.


If possible, try not to ejaculate that day or the night before, but it is not a dogma. If you feel the need to have a go several times a day, then enjoy what is good for you.

A Cosy Space

Create a cosy and relaxing space where you will not be disturbed. Use fragrant candles with aromatherapy fragrances and some massage oil. Play some beautiful and soothing music.


Have a pile of towels of different sizes by your bedside. Put a large towel over you bed which catches all your cum. There may be quite a lot of it when you do what we show you. Have a few small ones handy to wipe yourself and your friends.

Take a relaxing bath or shower

Take your time and breathe deeply. Conscious, relaxed breathing will take you out of your mental process and will get you more into your feelings. Relax your belly and let go of the tension that most of us hold there.


For your sexual games you may want wear light and comfortable clothes, loose enough to allow for a full erection. The ejaculation will often go into your clothes, so choose what can be washed quickly. Keep them on for some of the time during the exercises.

Clothes add a layer of interest and texture, especially during the water games. They should feel good both wet and dry. Try them in the shower first.

The water based exercises can be enhanced by wearing a thin, oversize T-shirt or other soft clothes that will cling to your body when wet. Wet clothes give you a feeling like you're being touched and caressed all over your body, very soft and sensual.

Always start a wet session in dry clothes as it is more comfortable and exciting, especially if it involves getting wet slowly. Have several items of comfy clothes at hand to change into. You will get wet repeatedly during some meditations.


Sex burns a lot of calories. Eat light food. Cereals, yoghurt, fruits and vegetables are best. Instead of three big meals try to eat small meals every now and then. This helps you to keep focused on your exercises and not on your digestion.

Please do not to eat a big meal for at least one hour before you start.

Go to the toilet before beginning your session. The best results occur when the bowels and bladder are empty.


Some of the exercises can be a bit exhausting. Drink plenty of water, over 2 litres a day, and you avoid dehydration. Also, being well hydrated feels really good. You may have to go for a pee more often, but you should take little breaks between exercises anyway.

Now go for it and enjoy

The time has come for you to enjoy all your body has to offer. Get ready for a journey of discovery. Ride the wave of pleasure for body and mind, culminating in a big splash of joy.

Let us wish you many multiple orgasms and a lot of ecstatic fun with these meditation exercises. We use them in our daily meditation and know how good you will feel the moment you begin.

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