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Multiple Orgasms

This section is all about ejaculation control exercises and multiple orgasms. In Tantra they teach to hold off ejaculation for as long as you can and experience multiple orgasms.

You'll learn how to get close to ejaculation, then stop and move up close again. It requires a fair amount of joyful practice where you'll cum many times and watch carefully how it all happens.

Orgasm and ejaculation are not the same thing, even though it may appear so. Orgasm comes first, ejaculation follows, but not always. It can happen without ejaculation.

With experience you will be able to tell the difference and control it. You need frequent practice to get good at it. Variety will keep your interest.

Multiple Ejaculations

When you gain even more experience, you may reach the level where you can also ejaculate two or three times within a few minutes. We've discovered this by accident during our practice and were quite surprised it happened at all. There is very little n the scientific literature about it. We'll study this further and report our findings here.

Gateway to the Here and Now

Men have a tremendous capacity for pleasure and orgasm, but it is virtually untouched for most men. As you master the tantric practice and higher energy movement, you begin to view your Lingam (penis, joystick) as an instrument of deeper understanding and deeper love connection with your partner.

Your sensitivity and awareness is profoundly heightened to the subtle and refined pleasures of lovemaking. You step into an expanded state of consciousness, which allows you to achieve "multiple" and "full-body orgasms".

Ancient Tradition

In the Tantric tradition, orgasm has a different value than in other cultural approaches to sexuality. Eliminating the striving toward orgasm enhances the pleasure to be derived from all aspects of sexual experience.

Some practitioners of Tantric sex aim to delay orgasm during sexual intercourse by remaining for long periods of time at the pre-orgasmic state. According to some advocates of Tantric sex, such as Rajneesh, practising Tantric sex without orgasm will eventually lead to orgasmic feelings spreading out to all of conscious experience.

Some current advocates of Tantric sex claim that in Western culture sexuality is put in the service of orgasm in a way that reduces the ability to have intense pleasure during each moment of sexual experience.

Multiple Orgasms

You can become "multi-orgasmic" without losing a drop of semen, or at least for a long time. Orgasm and ejaculation are two different responses that we can learn to separate.

The benefits of multiple and "full-body" orgasms are many. Full-body orgasm frees him from stress and tensions, heals his prostate gland, opens his heart and connects him deeper to his lover and himself.

It also facilitates the man experiencing multiple orgasms as well. "Multiple" doesn't mean multiple ejaculations. When a man learns to move his Kundalini energy through his body he can have orgasms and not ejaculate. We call this a "dry orgasm" or non-ejaculatory orgasm.

Ejaculation Control

Why is ejaculation control so important? Once a man has reached the point in his sexual development where he begins to understand that just "getting off" isn't satisfying him or his partner, he craves for more. This is a natural desire. In his heart he knows there is more, but often doesn't know how to achieve these higher pleasures.

Tantra teaches that for a man to achieve the highest ecstasy possible for himself and his lover, he needs to learn ejaculation control and to direct his sexual energy (Kundalini) up his spine to the higher centres of his brain. When he masters the ability to move his Kundalini energy up his spine, he increases the pleasure for himself and his lover to levels that people only dream of.

The goal of this tantric experience is not merely ejaculation but rather a fuller experience of the journey leading up to that eventual orgasm (i.e. "the Finale"). Men can learn the art of ejaculatory mastery thereby prolonging and possibly increasing the sexual encounters that they do have. Ejaculation is not the immediate or overall goal of this exercise, although it can be viewed as a pleasant and welcome side effect.

As a man learns to master the movement of his sexual energy in his body, he can as a result control his ejaculation. At this point he is free to make love without feeling the pressure to ejaculate.

Seven Peaks

This multi-orgasm game may take a while, so get comfy. The longer the foreplay the better the final orgasm. This technique is not for the impatient and it can take a while to learn the timing.

The aim is for you to experience seven orgasms. You'll go six times close to ejaculation without shooting your semen. You can experience six dry orgasms. On the seveth peak you'll enjoy an amazing orgasm followed by a gushing ejaculation. Have a towel ready.

While you enjoy yourself a couple of glands and vesicles start filling with liquids that help ejaculate your sperm. This build-up feels quite good and gives you that "horny" or "loaded" feeling. The more liquid you have, the bigger the load you'll blow during the seventh orgasm.

We want to go close to ejaculation six times without shooting all our semen. On the seventh time we'll let it all go and bliss out.

Get comfy

Make yourself comfortable, this will take a while. Have some water to drink and a towel ready.

You may want to enjoy this in bed. Wear some loose fitting clothes to keep warmif you do this in your bath. A soft poncho or hiking cape would be ideal as you have room to play inside.

Now get your joystick out and play until you have a good hard-on. Go easy, go slow. Enjoy the exciting sensation as your erection begins. Notice how your whole body begins to feel good. When the first clear pre-cum oozes out then you're ready to enjoy the real fun. You're now ready for multiple orgasms.

Let's begin

Masturbate until you're just about to come, and then stop at the very last moment, before the "point of no return". If you time it right, you will be able to feel some semen rise through the shaft of your penis and will dribble out.

Wait for a minute to calm down, personal timing may vary. If you touch yourself right now, you'll come instantly, but it won't be very spectacular. Then start again and go right up near the peak. You can repeat the process often, essentually tricking yourself into multiple orgasms.

When you reach the seventh time, don't hold back. By now you feel you really want to come because a lot of fluid has build up. Play with your joystick and go past the "point of no return" for an intense orgasm. Feel how it all starts moving quickly up your shaft and shoots out of your penis. This is a very beautiful and rewarding feeling. Enjoy it!

A Few Things to Note

First, be prepared for this to take a little practice. It's pretty easy to stop just a half a second too early and get nothing, or go a half a second too long and accidentally cum. You'll probably shoot too soon on many occasions. No problem, wait a while and start again.

This is a neat technique if you don't have any lube handy but wish you did. Once you've gone to the peak once, you can gently squeeze your penis and slide your hand from the base of the shaft to the tip. This should milk out enough semen and pre-cum to coat your hand and use as lube.

Finally, when you decide to cum for real, abandon this technique and just go to town for a great orgasm. If you stop, dribble, and then start again, you don't get the same build-up and release.

Pleasure Surfing

This is a more fluid variation of "Seven Peaks". Surf on the edge of ejaculation for as long as possible and catch some nice long rides of extreme pleasure. Put on your surfing T-shirt and baggy shorts and hop into the bath or shower. The shorts need to be big enough for your hard "surfboard" to move freely.

Let's catch some waves

Start in a comfy position and get a good hard "woody". Keep "paddling" until you reach the crest of a wave, surfing just before the "point of no return".

Make sure you get the balance right. If you push it too much you'll ejaculate and it's all over, "wipe-out". Go too slack and you lose the wave. Maintain a slow, steady rhythm and you will be rewarded with a long period of intense ecstasy as you hover on the edge of ejaculation.

Eventually you have to let go of that wave, relax a moment and then paddle out to the next one. Catch at least seven waves before the end of this session. Each time go a bit further than before. If you "wipe-out" and blow it, wait a couple of hours and start again. Practice makes perfect.

Splash out big time

After a while you feel it's time to catch the last wave, the big one. Now you really want to splash out. This time you won't hold back, you'll give it your all. Go for it!

As before get onto the wave and paddle up to the crest. This time go slowly further than before. Watch how the point of no return comes closer and then washes over you.

Feel the rush as a powerful wave of liquid rushes along your "surfboard". Suddenly there is white spray everywhere, on your T-shirt and in your baggy shorts. You're completely soaked with this wonderful feeling. You feel extremely happy as you speed towards the beach.

This orgasm will be long and powerful, leaving you completely drained and tingling all over. Soon you fall asleep, happy and peacefully, dreaming of new surfing adventures.

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