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Enjoyable Masturbation and Self Pleasuring

"Examine and experience yourself !" - THE BUDDHA

In this section you'll find some very enjoyable masturbation activities that you can practise on your own. They'll take longer than the usual quick release because you learn to edge up close to orgasm without ejaculating and stay there for a while, feeling good. This will help you last longer when you play with a friend and also helps you both cum together. Watch out for the post orgasmic bliss. Don't miss it.

Tantra Yoga relies upon the practical experience of its teachings. Forget endless talking and argumentation. Instead immerse yourself fully and thoroughly in an exceptional sexual practice which can lead to freedom, pure existence and raised consciousness.

Some schools of Hindu Tantra and most schools of Buddhist Tantra advocate meditation as a way to reach the "Here and Now". Masturbation brings you into the present. You must leave the past behind and forget about the future for it to work.


Masturbation generally refers to bringing yourself to orgasm using manual stimulation and if accomplished with the assistance of a partner, masturbation is then referred to as mutual masturbation, petting, or foreplay.

Masturbation is educational, prepares you for sex with partners, and allows you to experiment in a safe environment with methods and sensations that are stimulating. It is an important choice to feel comfortable, know your body better and take care of your sexual health.

Masturbation can help you to explore and be in control of your own sexual needs. You can learn about the sexual responses of your own body, and thus be better prepared for sexual activity with a partner at a later time. If you don't know what makes you feel good, how can you communicate to a partner what you enjoy? Play with friends whenever you have a chance.

Deeper Understanding

The true benefit of masturbation is the pleasure that one derives from this simple joy. The number one reason why people masturbate is because it feels good and with the health benefits associated with pleasuring yourself, who can deny the satisfaction of the post-orgasm glow?

You are normal if you masturbate, normal if you wonder about it but don't do it, and normal if you never give it a second thought and don't do it. It is one of the few things in life that is normal if you do and normal if you don't.

Masturbation makes sexual fun with friends more enjoyable because you will already know what it takes to please you.

Masturbation alleviates stress and releases endorphines (the pleasure hormones) into your system making you more relaxed.

Masturbation as exploration of the body is common between the ages of 3 and 6. In the teens masturbation becomes more sophisticated and sexually motivated. Both guys and girls masturbate, it is a normal and healthy part of sexual development. Surveys have shown that 80% of males and 59% of females have masturbated by age 18.

Many experts believe that masturbation is more prevalent in the teen years due to a strong fluctuation of hormones. Masturbation alleviates the strain of this build up and is a necessary part of healthy development.

The only real problems that come with masturbation are psychological and are the result of unhealthy or weary attitudes toward doing it (if you do it but are ashamed) or abnormal practices (for example, public masturbation). Masturbation is a very personal thing and should not be done in public places or around people who are not willing partners (think safer sex activity).

Never Feel Shy or Guilty

Masturbation is not evil, dirty or harmful. It will not make you go blind, drive you insane, stunt your growth, give you an STD, make you sterile or get you pregnant. All that is utter nonsense.

Masturbation is that wonderful gift you give to yourself, over and over you should enjoy it in all of its many forms. Your penis is yours.

The intense sexual feelings that your penis can give you are necessary to promote healthy behaviour, and they should encourage you to find new ways of expressing them.

Orgasm, especially after hours of masturbation, makes you feel very relieved and complete. It is incredibly rewarding. By recognizing and experimenting with your body, you will gain that intimate relationship with yourself. Let pleasure only, be your guide!

Sex Therapy

"The role of masturbation in one's life can have dramatic psychological benefits. A new form of sex therapy has enabled people to replace harmful substance addictions by forcing themselves to masturbate daily. This act transfers the pleasure stimulus to an activity that is healthy and can lead to an intimate relationship with others."

(ESO, Extended Sexual Orgasm, by Alan Brauer, M.D. and Donna Brauer, p. 48).

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