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Learn to Masturbate

You have this wonderful, personal pleasure-giver that is right there between your legs! It is always with you and can make you feel very good.

Never underestimate the significance of the natural fact that your body produces sperm and semen, and has a powerful desire to relieve itself. This is exactly the way it is designed and is especially important for boys and young men.

Become skillful

Most men don't know how to masturbate for maximum pleasure. They just rub frantically to a get a quick and hurried release, to "get off". This is not what we advise. Quick ejaculation is not the main goal.

Learn to touch and feel your whole body and have multiple full body orgasms. Only in the end allow for a massive ejaculation of all the build up juice. It is a very pleasurable path that prepares you for playing with friends and lovers.

Do one session each day for your health

During the session, pay attention to the flow of your excitement. Make adjustments to develop the skill of reaching orgasm but stepping back moments before the point of no return, in time before you cum. Do this six times. Only on the seventh time let the ejaculation flow and deeply relax. Later in our Seven Peaks Meditation we'll show you how.

Only when you have released your sexual tension can you truly enter into stillness. When you are able to enter into stillness, you also realise the clarity of thought and mind that follows.

Our team practise daily, often with friends, and they're as happy as can be. So don't hold back. The sky is really the limit. Go for it. Take matters into your own hands, literally.

Explore Yourself

Get to know your body well. By exploring it visually and by touch, you can learn more about yourself and what feels good to you sexually.

In this section we explore the various levels of arousal, orgasm and ejaculation. It requires a fair amount of joyful practice where you'll cum many times and watch carefully how it all happens.

The Lingam - Your Joystick

Take a good look at your lingam (penis, joystick, or whatever you call it) in its relaxed state. Get familiar with your little friend. Turn it, pull it, wash it, feel your balls.

Pull back the foreskin, if you have one, and clean it well. Look at the skin colours and patterns. This is your most precious toy. Take good care of it.

Get an Erection

Now stroke it gently for a while. Watch the warm and very pleasant feeling as is slowly gets bigger and your balls move up close. Rub it until you get a good hard erection and it stands upright.

Take a look how your lingam has changed. Find the pleasure points by touching it all over. Lay back and let your erection slowly unfold. Take it easy. Go slow. It will be intense joy.

Stages of Sexual Response

  1. Arousal
    The arousal stage lasts the longest and starts even before the erection. A beautiful feeling arises from your groin and spreads slowly into your penis as it stands up. It can fill your whole body with excitement and wellbeing.

    Finally your penis is hard, looks good and you feel great. Enjoy this phase als long as you can. The longer the foreplay, the better the finale.

  2. Plateau
    Plateau is when you have the feeling that you'll ejaculate if you keep up what you're doing. For many men it only lasts anywhere from seconds to one minute.

    Men who have the most control over their bodies make the plateau stage last a lot longer. They can surf this phase of bliss for minutes. Then they relax a moment and go for it again. This surfing can go on for over an hour, hence it is sometimes called a surf session.

  3. Orgasm
    Orgasm is separate from ejaculation. Most men don't know that. Orgasm only lasts for about eight seconds. With a special skill you can have a dry orgasm and return to the arousal phase.

  4. Ejaculation
    Ejaculation is separate from your orgasm. Most men don't know that too. Now the juices start to flow, you reach the point of no return, and it all shoots out. This is a great feeling of release.

  5. Resolution
    Resolution is the period from when the orgasm ends and you relax back to equilibrium, which is the state of not being aroused.

Phases of an Erection
Graphic: Penis Erection Phases

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