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Sexy Swimsuit Test Review

by Felix

Most Asians swim in clothes. Their swimwear industry often comes up with interesting ideas, many of which appeal to folks like us.

One morning a parcel arrived from Asia with a generic modest swimsuit for review. It was designed for both men and women, with a longish hooded top, like a cagoule, and matching pants. It looked like a rainsuit from the 1970's made of soft nylon. Apparently it has not been treated with waterproofing as it intended for sunburn protection and modesty.

Breathability: Good

Since it was a warm day I decided to enjoy this suit for my morning workout, wearing nothing underneath, just as intended. It was loose fitting, the top reached almost to my knees. The pants were wide and loose with my boner tenting them nicely. This suit felt very soft and cosy.

After over half an hour exercise the suit got a bit damp from sweat but felt good on my skin. It dried out quickly as I moved around the garden. The very thought of getting wet in this suit gave me a boner. Thankfully the wide pants accommodated it well.

Waterproof: Not much

Next I went into the shower, put the hood up and let it run. Within a few moments I was soaked through. So this is more for sun and wind protection than rain. The wet nylon fabric became silky soft which felt nice on my skin. It gently wrapped around my erect penis with such pleasure that I soon released a lot of white stuff and totally blissed out.

Drying Test: Quick

I hung it out in the breeze. Half an hour later it was dry, so I put it back on and headed for the swimming pool.

Swim Test: Easy

Next up was the swim test. I wore this suit just like swimwear with nothing underneath. In the shower I only wore the bottoms and put the top on before I entered the pool hall. The lifeguard said I had to shower in all my swim clothes, so I went back to the showers and soaked the top as well.

The nylon fabric felt soft and light in the water, free flowing, not restrictive, didn't chafe. Once the air bubbled out I started swimming my training lengths. As expected it slowed me down a bit compared to wearing shorts or a one piece Lycra body suit. But the extra resistance is great for fitness training.

Drying Test 2: Quick Again

After my swim I took a long shower, keeping the swimsuit on to rinse out all the chlorine. Then I wore it on my walk home and it was almost dry on my arrival, so I kept it on for the rest of the day.

Swim Test 2: More Swim Fun

For my next pool visit I wore a tall T-shirt underneath that reached below my thighs, tucked inside my long pants. This time I kept the top on in the shower and it quickly soaked through to the T-shirt. Clearly not waterproof. No problem.

Swimming and splashing around in this outfit was just as easy. It felt more wholesome with the shirt underneath. After a short while I got used to swimming in this suit and barely noticed it at all. Playing ball with friends or messing about on floats was easy fun.

The suit took a bit longer to dry out on the way home because of the wet T-shirt underneath, but all was dry in the end. Easy.

Masturbation Tests

The most urgent thing you probably want to know is how it felt when masturbating in this swimsuit. With great excitement I set up two tests, one dry test in bed, and another wet test in the bath tub.

Dry Test

The dry test was soft and cosy. I put on the suit, top with hood up, pants with boner inside, and huddled up in bed. Nylon slides well on nylon, so I rubbed the top over pants to get going. This felt great and my penis was soon rock hard. Rubbing it created a big wet spot of precum on the pants and then on the top. I love it when that happens.

I played around for 20 minutes or so, rolling around in bed to feel the soft nylon suit all over my body. This lead to a strong orgasm and a massive ejaculation. The tightly woven fabric kept the white stuff inside my pants, no stains on my bedding. Great!

Wet Test

I was ready for the wet test after I slept a few hours in this suit, great sleepwear, wet spots dry out quickly from body heat. I ran a hot foamy bath and soon soaked the suit under the shower with the hood up before I relaxed in the bath. This suit felt even more exciting in the soapy water, very slippery.

The top had openings on the side to reach pants pockets. I put my hands in to play with my boner. This felt awesome, you have no idea. Enjoying a bath wrapped in soft wet nylon all over is an extreme bliss experience that made me cum like no other.


Rating 5/5 *****

Pro: Although this is just an inexpensive windsuit, it is really comfy when used as sexy swimsuit or playsuit. Because of its breatheability you can wear it around the house or even as sleepwear. It takes up very little space and weight in your travel bag.

Con: The loose fitting design creates more drag in the water, so you can't swim as fast as in a full body speed suit.

Sex: This suit is the cat's pyjamas. You can cum inside with ease and it keeps your white stuff from messing up your bedding. In the bath it can give you extreme bliss. I ordered a few more for my friends so now we can play together in these wonderful cum suits.

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