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Ice Cubes

This is something very special to share with a close friend. Make sure the room is warm and cosy. Place a large towel or two on the bed before you start. Get a bowl of ice cubes from the fridge.

Get Dressed

Now you both put on a thin cotton T-shirt and very loose fitting thin unlined nylon shorts or pants (not waterproof). Wear nothing else.

The clothes reduce the cooling effect of the ice on the skin to a pleasant level. Don't put ice directly onto the skin, except perhaps on the face and only in small amounts.

Cool Moves

Your friend lies on his back and you move the first ice cube over his forehead and face. This feels cool and refreshing, a good start for a wet fun game.

Now move an ice cube over the chest and watch how it soaks into the T-shirt, leaving a moist trail across the middle. Use more ice cubes until the T-shirt is fairly moist. This is a unique sensation as the ice cube quickly melts.

Then move ice cubes over the shorts or pants. You'll find that they slide better on soft nylon. As you slowly soak the nylon your friend may get an erection from this beautiful sensation.

Keep your joystick inside the clothes. Get it wet as you move the ice cube slowly along the shaft and balls. This can lead to extreme pleasure. Swap roles every now and then.

Ice Cubes Variation

Same as above but you both sit facing each other. Move the ice cubes over your bodies at the same time and see what happens.

Moist Cuddle

Once your clothes are fairly moist, cuddle up, hug and kiss. Roll around and enjoy each other's close contact. This will quickly warm you up. Then go and share a shower or bath in these clothes.

Reader Comments


by Chai from Thailand

This is a cool (literally) game to spice up your foreplay. A friend stayed for a sleepover at our holiday home for a few days. We always share bed and bath.

After boating and splashing around in the lake fully clothed, we decided to have an early night and play around a bit. When we cuddled up under the blanket, he asked: "Do you want to play a new game?"

I always like to try something new. We put on silky soft nylon shorts and the long sleeve tee-shirts that we wear for swimming. Then he got a bowl of ice cubes from the fridge.

He asked me to lay back and started to rub an ice cube first over my my face and then slowly over my tee-shirt. It felt cool as it melted.

The anticipation of getting soaked this way caused a big erection in my nylon shorts. He also was tenting his shorts as he begun to rub an ice cube around my erect penis, soaking my shorts. This was extreme, felt so good.

We swapped over a few times and I started rubbing him with ice cubes while he stroked my boner in my damp shorts. After a while our clothes were fairly wet, so we kept them on as we went into the shower for more fun. We did this every night during his stay, with a few variations. Often we shot our white cum right into the wet nylon shorts. It felt amazing.


by Chris from England

Mike and Harry came over at the weekend. I showed them this article on SunSexSea and they were all keen to try it out. Jamie and me picked out some nylon football shorts and nylon tee-shirts. After lunch we went up to my bedroom, pushed the two beds together and threw some bath towels over the sheets, putting the duvets to one side.

I turned the heating up, drew the blinds and switched the lights down low. We waited for a while in the study watching wet videos on YouTube whilst the room warmed up. I was getting a boner just thinking about what we were about to do.

I won't go into any great detail as, to be honest, once we got going with the ice cubes and what was happening to each other under those shorts and tees, I was so focused on what I was feeling and was happening to me, that I didn't take that much notice of what the others were doing other than when I was the one doing it.

I can honestly say it was the most intense and, oddly, rather beautiful sexual thing I have had happen to me or that I have done to some else in my, admittedly, very short sex life. And that includes clumsily losing my virginity with Mari.

We were all a bit speechless after that and there was a satisfying silence between us all as we ate supper before Harry and Mike headed home. It was a quiet, but hard time for us all. We'll probably refine this game when we play it again.

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