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Nylon Rain Clothing

Only a few of our readers know about this amazing secret:

Soft, unlined rain clothes in a bubble bath can lead to extreme bliss. Especially during water masturbation, these light and comfortable clothes add a layer of interest and a wonderfully sensual texture to this wet experience. Rain clothes and shampoo feel really sensual on your skin.

getting a poncho wet in the bath

You want a thin nylon top with matching bottoms and a poncho or cape, made of thin nylon or pertex. This gives you more variety and feels blissfully gentle on your skin. Avoid harsh PVC.

You can either wear the suit on its own, or just the poncho with or without the pants. Maybe you want to to wear it all at once. Try it out and keep it varied. See for details.

Get Started

Let the fun begin. Run a warm bath while you get dressed. Be generous with the bubble bath foam to get a very slippery effect. While the water runs in, pick a handful of foam and rub it over your clothes. It gets them just a little wet. Start masturbating gently to get you in the mood.

When the bath is full, gently lower yourself into the water. Really take your time with this. Splash some water around. Notice how your clothes get wet.

Put the hood up. Make sure it fits well. If it is a bit bigger then you can pull it over your eyes for a very intimate experience.

Next slip slowly down backwards until your shoulders go under water. Feel the air bubbles tingle as they run up your back and neck. This can feel a bit ticklish.

Slide in deeper to get the hood wet. It creates a special feeling when you lean back and get it wet as you submerge in the foamy bath.

Relax for a while. Enjoy the blissful feeling of being completely wrapped up in soft wet clothing. This is just amazing. While you relax put your hands inside your poncho. Lift it up a bit and spread it out so it covers as much of you as possible.

Now comes the time to get busy. Pull back your foreskin (if you have one) and gently rub your penis along the inside of your pants or poncho. The soft texture of your rain clothes and the soapy water create an intense experience on the tip of your penis that will drive you nuts.

Do this for a while, gently back and forth until you can barely keep it in. Combine with other moves. See how long you can bear this extreme pleasure.

When you're ready, rub your penis a bit and let it cum. Shoot your full load into your pants or poncho.

Afterwards relax and enjoy the post-orgamic bliss for 10 or more minutes. Feel the warm water caress the wet clothes around your penis and all of your body. It is the best part of the game.

comfy fun clothes

Next time invite some friends and share the experience.

comfy fun clothes   comfy fun clothes

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