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Wet Cotton Clothes

Cotton feels soft and cosy both wet or dry, which is why it is so popular as leisure and swimwear. It is also great for beginners who want to explore the excitement of wet clothes.

When you start out playing in wet clothes, pick a soft shirt and loose pants, like shorts or pyjamas. They should be big enough to allow for a full erection in comfort.

Fill a bubbly bath while you get dressed. As you watch the water run in, touch your dry clothes and rub your penis to see how excited you can get from mere anticipation. If you don't get turned on yet, no problem. You will later.

Once the bath is full and foam covers it, slowly lower yourself into the water. Notice how the clothes get darker as they get wet, and how they feel different when wet.

Lay down and enjoy a good soak. Feel how the wet cotton wraps itself around your balls. Play with your joystick to make it stand up inside your loose pants. Then get up and see how the wet clothes cling to you. Enjoy how your boner is wrapped into soft wet cotton.

As you play along, sooner or later you will shoot a big load into your wet clothes. Bliss out and wait 5 to 10 minutes for your cum to go watery. It helps to wash it out. Enjoy!

Get More Cotton Clothes Wet

Next time you have a bath, try a jogging suit or jeans and hoodie. These clothes are much heavier when wet. You may find this experience first every exciting and later very relaxing after you've blown your cum into these clothes.

Swimming Pool

Once you've gained enough confidence go for a swim in a swimming pool. You may find that swimming in clothes is a wonderful new experience not to be missed.


When you find that this new hobby is for you, share it with friends outdoors, splash around with water and get soaking wet. There are many watersports that get you soaking wet, like canoeing, windsurfing, sailing and more. Have fun!

Reader Story:   Farm Boys Cum at Noon and Night

During the university holidays in Thailand I work on a rice farm with a few university friends. Working the rice fields gets you wet occasionally, but when my friends are around we all get our clothes wet for sure, just to stay cool.

A straw hat, cotton shirt and loose fitting cotton pants are our work clothes. The pants are wide enough to allow for a full hard-on, even when wet. This brings knowing smiles from our co-workers when they see us pass by.

Before we go out on the fields, we share a shower in our clothes to get turned on. At work we splash around or push each other into the water whenever our clothes dry out. This breaks up the monotonous work and keeps us aroused for most of the day.

Lunch Break

During the midday break we avoid the heat sitting shoulder deep in a pond or canal, huddled together so we can touch our clothes under water and rub our boners until we cum. Soon some of the other rice workers started doing the same and thanked us for the idea. We're all very relaxed about sex on the farm.

After work in our room we share another shower in our loose clothes to get them clean. Rubbing lots of soap over each other gets us aroused quickly. It feels so good when my friends make me cum in the shower. We help each other until we all had a go.

Hot Nights

After dinner we go to bed and have more fun until we fall asleep. The bed has a waterproof vinyl mattress and is big enough for all four of us. I really enjoy sharing the bed with my friends.

On hot nights we sleep in wet clothes to keep cool. If one of us wakes up in the middle of the night and finds that we have dried out, he gets a small water bucket and gently pours water over our clothes to keep us cool. Then he pours water over his own clothes and goes back to sleep.

Sometimes this pouring of water wakes us up with big boners. We know that we sleep better and disturb the others less after we cum, so we make each other squirt into our wet clothes and go back to blissful sleep.

If one of us keeps us awake with restless sleep, we pour water over him and make him cum. That usually gets us all wet and we cum too. Now we can all sleep. A funtastic way to spend the summer.

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