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Bivvy Bag for Sleeping in Wet Clothes

Bivvy bags are normally designed to keep water from coming into your sleeping bag. However, they can also be useful to keep water in.

If you like to sleep or masturbate in wet clothes but don't want to get your bed soaked, a bivvy bag might be for you. Made from waterproof nylon, you can get inside with all your wet clothes on. Double bivvy bags are also available, so you can share it with with a wet friend.

Take a shower or bath in your favourite masturbation clothes, then quickly hop into this bag and zip up to keep your bed dry. Keep a large bottle of water to hand in case your clothes get too dry.

Now you can relax in your wet clothes and masturbate for a long time until you cum inside. The bag keeps you warm while you fall asleep in your wet coccoon.

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