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Robbieie from Holland

Robbie is one of our more enthusiastic readers and contributors. Read how he helped his friend Floris enjoy our wet clothing hobby and what a blast they had together. Enjoy!

My Friend Floris

My friend Floris is rather new to the wetlook thing, but curious and willing. Since it was a warm day here in Holland this week I'm trying to educate him a little.

What I noticed is that guys who wouldn't normally think twice to jump into the water in jeans, shoes, and whatever, feel shy when doing the same with sex in mind. Anyways, time for lesson one. ;)

I thought starting light would be wise. A part of the fun was that we chose what the other will wear.

I chose for him a loose T-shirt, his almost knee long kickboxing-shorts, white ankle socks and black soccer shoes.

For me he choose my soccer clothes that I play in with my team, blue long sleeve shirt blue socks and white rather large shorts, both the nylon-like stuff. Blue and orange Nike shoes.

First we did a training-run around a small recreation-lake near my town. After a full round running/slowing/running (about 5km) we were both sweaty an needed to cool off.

I went to the lake shore and walked in knee-deep and he followed me. Then my friend got nervous, altough there were not very much people there at the time.

He let the water lick the lower part of his long shorts a little (ever been jealous of water? :D) but couldn't decide to go on, with me pushing him a litle from behind.

Then happened the WORST thing I could imagine, but that appeared to be a blessing in disguise.

Someone called: "Floris!!" and he looked up and got (really!) tomato-red, because it was a guy he knows from his college.

So this guy came to us smiling and talking like always, of course thinking it perfectly normal to cool off a little after running in this warm weather. Over time my friend got more and more at ease, but poor me developed a boner in my soccer-shorts by the situation of my friend in his half wet shorts and his friend who was very tasty also (but disappointingly dry), which gave me a hard time for a few minutes (poor joke).

Anyways, at last the guy saluted and went his own way. Floris started to laugh and said: "You're right, he didn't even notice I still wear my shoes in the water". As he tried to say that. I tackled him while he was speaking and he was under before he could finish the word "water".

Haha, you should have seen the look on his face when he came up again. He took a full minute I think to examine his soaked T-shirt and all the water running through his shorts. They were made from very shiny, very clingy material (yea yea, I know what to choose hehe). He hopped a little up and down but it kept clinging to his legs and butt.

To my (and Iandnbsp;think his own) surprise he had a hard-on immediatly, so we went in a little further not to show too much to the few people on the beach.

There were some floating platforms in the lake. We swam to one and when he pulled himself on it he looked the sexiest guy in the western hemisphere in his dripping clothes. We sat down on the edge, shorts and legs touching, and we played a little with our shoes underwater.

I was bursting now and wanted him, but as the afternoon got on more people came to the beach so I couldn't shag him right there on the platform.

We went in again

The water was chest-deep there so we scrambled through the water to the back of the platform that faces the lake. If you stood there, all one could see from the beach is your head over the platform.

He leaned on the platform and I stood behind him lightly pushing my hard-on against his ass while touching his wet T-shirt. Our shorts were very slippery against each other. Our shirts clinged to each other.

Still riding him softly I stuck my hand in the front of his shorts. They had a very broad elastic band so it was a little fumbling and stroking before I got into his shorts and boxers.

Floris was also very hard now and moaned: "Stop lets finish this at my house, everybody can see us." Of course nobody could see a thing so I went softly on stroking and caressing him in his boxers.

Then at once he freed himself out of the entanglement and dove under. I felt his mouth kissing and softly biting my soccer shorts, trying to unknot the cord in the waistband of it. I went all under too and we kissed and tongued underwater. Then, with only heads out off the water we relieved each other by rubbing, gliding over our slippery shorts.

All this time only a windsurfer came nearby, but I don't think he saw anything. He kept falling into the water fully clothed, and was too busy keep his mast up and erect.

Afterwards we let ourself dry on the platform a little before jumping in and climbing out for a while. Finally the time came to go home, so after a last huge bomb-jump (is that English?) we went to the shore.

Guys, if you had seen him emerging and walking out of the water, you would have been hooked too. His T-shirt streamed water, plasterd to his body, the kickboxing shorts clinging to his legs and butt, sport-shoes sloshing.

Going home, still in the wet clothes he drove my scooter with me clinging to his back. Though the cuming in the lake was very satisfying I couldn't wait till we got to his room. While on the scooter I felt with my hand that he also wanted more.

So we did it again in his bathroom, this time with ridiculous much soap and shampoo. His shorts went so slippery now, you can't imagine.

When finished for the second time I asked him: "Want to try jeans tomorrow?" The only answer was a very horny grunt. I think I have a very apt pupil here.

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