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Swimming in Jeans with Floris

by Robbieie, Netherlands

That day it was warm and sunny weather, just right for swimming in jeans. North of my town is a big canal where I used to fish a lot as a kid. For kilometres there is a bicycle-path along the canal, and between the path and the water was dense high shrubbery, almost a little forest some places. It is absolutely impossible to see through from the path. I know some spots where the shrubs have cleared a few metres along the canal edge, though still invisible from the path. I planned to show my friend a good spot today.

I had a strong coffee and, still in my underwear, started packing a large sports bag. In it I put 2 wine-glasses, 2 lemonade-glasses, 2 large beer-glasses, 2 small bucklets, 2 larger buckets, a few packs of cards, some sandwiches, oranges and some sodas.

If you put it together like those Russian wooden puppets it just fitted, and by the time I zipped the bag I heard Floris run up the stairs.

"Hiii Cutie," he called "it's super warm outside! You still really want to go swimming in jeans?"

"Yeah of course! Today let's take jeans and a t-shirt, and shoes of course."

Floris rolled his eyes, but I saw a twinkle in them. I brought him a coffee while he went through my closet to pick the clothes I was to wear today.

He took a dark blue satin boxer short, a thick blue t-shirt with a monkey printed on it and a PME Legend jeans with a used look, some tiny holes in them. They have a bit of stretch in the denim which makes it feel like it clings to your legs. Finally black socks and red sneakers.

I put on the clothes he laid on the bed. Floris caressed my thighs and we kissed. Then I took the bag, we went out and locked my room.

"What's in the bag?" asked my friend.

"You'll see when we're there.

"Where is there? I don't want to swim in jeans in the lake with the beach, like yesterday"

"Haha, don't worry, only I will see you today, we're going to the canal, but first let me see your closet from the inside".

We took my scooter and went to his place. On the balcony before his room I could see hanging his shorts and shirt of yesterday's fiesta.

I told my friend to completely undress so I could dress him my way. He got rid of the jogging pants he had been wearing and took a Tommy Hilfiger white boxer short.

Next I gave him a white washed out old t-shirt with the logo of his dojo on the back. He put it on and it appeared so shrunk that its bottom barely reached the waistband of his boxer. It looked cute on him.

Then I saw his jeans lying on a chair. They were very dark blue and looked very skinny and new.

"Nooo, not my new Nudie-jeans" called Floris, "we can't take that"!

"Yes! Your new Nudie-jeans" I grinned "yolo, Floris!"

"Noo, you don't understand! They're brand new and you cannot wash it till you have worn it for six months or more".

I explained him that that is about washing-machines and soap and hot water and such. Cold fresh water shouldn't really harm them.

Hehe, the nerd really had to look it up on his smart phone before he grumbled something undistinguishable, but at least he took the new Nudie-jeans I handed him and started putting them on.

Saying they were skinny-jeans was like saying that Max Verstappen (Belgian-Dutch F1 racing driver) didn't do that bad. They were really skin tight unto the ankles.

I had felt that the denim was still rigid from newness. He zipped them close and though completely unnecessary I added a white belt just for fun.

White sports socks with red and blue bands were next. Down in the back of the closet I found silver Nikes. His mouth made a nervous twist but he didn't say a thing and put them on.

Finally a white Nike-cap. He looked a dream, we kissed and left his room.

We got on my scooter and drove first to the shopping-centre because I wanted new sunglasses. Afterwards we walked to the scooter, I put on my new sunglasses and off we went.

Soon we were near the spot I had in mind and we parked the scooter. Walked a short while and reached the place.

Not much had changed there these years. We scrambled through the bushes till they opened to a small open grass field of a few square meters, on all sides protected by thick growth. On one side the grass tilted a bit towards the border of the canal.

We sat down and shared a can of green Fernandes.

Then I took all the glasses and buckets out of the sports-bag, filled them with water from the canal and put them in two lines, in increasing volume.

Then I explained my friend the rules of the game we were going to play. I had thought of a variation on the most stupid and brainless drinking game I ever heard of. It goes like this:

Everyone has a pack of cards before him with the colours up. One more pack is in the middle with the colours down. Now all you have to do is remember that red is "drink" and black is "give away".

The top card of the middle stack is turned. This will be either a red or a black colour. Tf the card you have before you is a red you drink a drink, if it is black you give away your drink to someone else who has to drink it immediately.

Part of the fun is the poor guy who has a red card and is given a few extras from the blacks cards of other players. Then the next card, then the next card etc. You’ll understand this game lasts seldom longer then a few minutes.

Anyways, no boozing time right now, so in my variation its: The same colour as the middle stack is "safe" and different is: the other pours water over you, in the increasing volumes.

The first cards of both our open stacks were black, so our lot would be shared. And, yeah, the first from the middle was red.

I poured the wineglass water in his neck in the T-shirt. The thin washed out cotton went completely see-through in a large area. He did the same to me, but over my front side.

Next: Floris has red, I have black again. and its....... black.

I pour the lemonade-glass water in one of his sneakers, his sock immediately drenched and the shoe making sopping noises.

Next: Floris has black, I have red and its...... red!

He starts to look a bit nervous now. I take the large beer-glass, wriggle a finger behind his skinny jeans and pour all the water in the small opening. He jerks his body and looks disbelieving at his jeans. They are still so new and rigid that the denim hardly absorbs the water so it runs down both his legs inside his jeans.

"Nooo" he moans, hopping up and down looking at me with a little panic in his eyes. By and by some of the water penetrates the skinny jeans so that the wet area's get even more dark, almost black and shiny. He looked so sexy that the boyhood in my pme's had made a little tent, but Floris' jeans were so skinny that his boy toy couldn't go anywhere. I could see it clearly sculpted in those jeans. Okay sit down for the next round.

Next: Floris has black again, I have red again and its..... red again!

Before I could start to grin Floris grabs his large bucket and empties it over my head. I am soaked in a second. Then the scoundrel takes MY large bucket and gives me another shower. Water runs all through my clothes.

Floris wants to take yet another bucklet, but I grab his ankle and he slips in the wet grass. One leg ending up in the canal, he jerks it back out but has his right leg drenched, sloshing in his silver Nikes.

Meanwhile I had stood up dripping and all, and grabbed his body, we started pushing and pulling each other near the edge of the canal. Suddenly my friend made a sudden move and his cap rolled into the water.

"Go after it! Don't lose it!" I yelled and gave him an extra push. He step-fell into the water but could stay upright in the water which is somewhere between your knees and crotch deep. Then it goes steeply down so after the next step he was waist-deep in, after the next almost chest-deep, then he gave up, dived under and went after his cap.

I stepped in too as I was soaking wet anyway. I had never before swam in these PME jeans and they were very clingy.

I was very hard now and waited for Floris to return to the edge. He had put the cap back on again and the water fell from it.

He came to me at the edge and looked at his skinny-jeans almost in shock. Me too, be it a different kind of shock. Almost black shiny they stuck to his legs and butt. His t-shirt was completely transparent showing his hard nipples. He rubbed his jeans against mine and we kissed again.

Then we crept upon the grass and he laid down on his back. I lay on top of him, wet clothes rubbing against wet clothes, hugging and cuddling. I could feel how his poor trapped boyhood pulsated inside his wet jeans. Suddenly I felt him jerk and moan while he spit his cum into his boxers and jeans.

I couldn't no way hold it in any longer. I came so much that some came right through my satin boxers and jeans. I started rubbing it over Floris' jeans, so he had it now in and outside his skinnys.

After relaxing a while I poured the last glasses and buckets over his jeans to wash it a little, then we dried up a little, eating sandwiches and drinking another Fernandes. I put my head with my back in his wet lap and he put his legs around my body and crossed his feet on my chest. so we layed a while, I dozed off a minute I think and then got kissed awake again.

"I think I saw some spots on your jeans there, I think we need to wash them" he grinned. So we jumped in again and again swimming a bit, kissing and grabbing each others wet clothes, standing in the shallow area. With my hand behind his belt and in his jeans I also "washed" his boxers. He did that to me too and we exploded again.

The afternoon had gotten late, the light got redder, some dark clouds too, you could feel there was some weather-change coming up. So we emerged from the water a last time and spent another half hour at the canal to dry up marginally.

Both of us live in student-rooms that do not always have the privacy you want. So to avoid stupid questions, it seemed better not to come home too dripping wet.

Canoeing Soon

We had some pizza and sat a while on a terrace. Finally we split up. I asked my friend if he was free tomorrow, but he had some work to do and had training that night so we agreed on the day after that. We would go on a day course canoeing. Never done that before, can't wait till then.

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