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Jimmy’s First Jeans

This story is set in late 19th century in the American West

Jimmy looked through the bushes to the river where Frankie, the boy next door, tried with his foot how cold the water was. He had watched him regularly the past year, but now Frankie’s appeareance had a new attraction: after uncle Jeb and Mr. Hooliwobber, he was the first boy his age in all Green River Valley that got him one of these new pants.

They were made in San Francisco, a big city far in the west and they called them "Denim Pants" or simply "Jeans". They were much snugger than the canvas things they all used to wear around here, and travelling people were telling they were going to be very popular in all the 39 states of America.

Jimmy watched Frankie's butt in these dark-blue "jeans" and vowed to himself he would aquire one of them too, God knows how.

Frankie gets wet

Frankie appearently had decided it was not too cold for a soaking and waded knee-deep in the river joking about something with someone out of Jimmy’s sight. These "jeans" fit him so tight, he didn’t even need a cord of rope to keep them up, they just stuck to his butt and legs!

A new boy came in sight, Jeremiah Stinger. Jimmy knew him from sight, from the prayer-meetings in Heshtown, and would you believe it, Jerry also had got him one of these denim pants, if possible even tighter than Frankie’s.

“You have to soak them and then ride a horse till they’re almost dry and repeat that a few times,” he heard Jerry say with his juicy southern drawl. “I did so last week, look how good they fit me now.”

He gave the good example and dove under. Jerry emerged and when he stood these "jeans" were almost black and shiny. From where Jimmy was looking he could see them embrace Jeremiah’s legs. Between his own legs his dick was standing up and shaped the canvas of his old pants.

He had been watching Frankie swimming more, and sometimes Jeremiah too, for that matter, but somehow he never got as horny as he was now from that. In these dark-blue "jeans" they looked hotter to him than naked, and the way they looked wet on Jerry made him forget all around him.

Frankie had gone in thigh-deep and called: “Wow! That feels incredible! Much better than those old-fashioned canvas things.”

Jimmy crept a little closer so he could watch Frankie baptizing these blue jeans. He bent further out of his hiding place and lost his grip on the dry shrubbery in the sun-baked clay and sand, and rolled out, landing half in the river, just where Frankie now stood waist-deep.

“Well, well, if it ain’t little Jimmy-boy” Frankie said. “How come you in the river so suddenly?”

“Hi Frank” Jimmy mumbled, getting up. “I was napping there in the bushes. Must have rolled off in my sleep.”

“Well come join us, we’re trying to cool off a little in this hot weather,” Frankie invited him.

Jimmy tried not to look too intense at Frankie’s jeans and the big bulge inside them.

“What are these blue pants are you wearing?” He played the innocent. “You don’t even secure them with a piece of rope, they stick to you like magic.”

“Aahw dumbo, these are called "blue jeans’, haven’t you heard? My dad says in a few years everybody will wear them,” Jeremiah broke in.

“Everybody? Even girls?” Jimmy asked.

“No of course not, stupid, I mean all men and boys. Haha just imagine, my sister in a pair of pants” Jeremiah giggled.

With his eightteen years he was the oldest of the three, with Frankie just a few weeks younger. Jimmy had had his sixteenth birthday last month.

“Are they expensive? Oohw I hope my dad will bring me one of them when he goes to town in August” Jimmy said, looking jealously at Frankie’s crotch.

"Well, ya might not have to wait till August maybe,” Jeremiah said. "Uncle Jebediah has brought several for us all, but there is one left over, which is too small for any of us, but it might fit you perfectly.” He studied Jimmy’s figure below the waist and concluded: “yea, might very well fit you”

Jimmy hicked from nerves and thought he saw something pushing inside Jerry’s blue jeans. “Wow, you mean just like the one you are wearing?” Jimmy stammered.

“Yea, just a bit smaller. Look, Frankie got the other one that was left over” Jerry said. They looked at Frankie who just climbed the shore in his dripping jeans.

“Yea, Jimmy, see that you get these last one, they feel great. Also for swimming they are much better than our old kind of pants” Frankie called.

“But how much will that cost? Will it be like more than a dollar?” Jimmy mused.

“No, I think you can pay uncle Jebediah by doing some chores for him, groom the horses or so. They are too small for any of us.” Jeremiah said.

“Come let’s ride to his place and see if they are still available” Frankie proposed. “Then I'll be about dry when we return and we three can get soaked again.”

The three boys walked to the trees where they had left their horses grazing in the warm sunshine and freed them from the ropes that had tied them to an old poplar.

Jeremiah jumped on his horse and called: “C’mon, let’s go!”

Frankie mounted his lightbrown steed and Jimmy settled himself in the “back-seat” of Frankie’s saddle, pushing his boner against Frankie’s wet jeans-butt.

“You’re having fun, it seems” Frankie grinned. Jimmy blushed and retreated a bit. “No, go on, don’t be shy” Frankie said. “You should have seen me the first time I put on these.” and off they went.

A short ride brought the trio to the neighbouring valley where Jeremiah and his family lived. His uncle Jebediah had a small shack and he was napping in the hot midday sun on an wooden lawn-chair.

“Hi, uncle Jeb!” Jeremiah called.

Uncle Jebediah startled awake and almost fell from the chair. He was like an older version of Jeremiah, the same brown hair and hazel eyes, the same muscular build.

“Hi Frankie!” he said “Do you like your new jeans?”

“Yeah uncle” Frankie said (everybody called Jebediah stinger "uncle’).

“Jeremiah taught me how to 'break them in' as he calls it.”

“I see you got them wet already, that’s good” uncle Jeb said. “Get them wet as much as you can, they’ll get the best.”

Jimmy wished his mother would agree with uncle Jeb. Of course no one had something as ridiculous as shorts or swimwear, but they always went swimming in old canvas pants that in wintertime they used as plaids to warm the horses. If somehow he could manage to get his hold on one of these "jeans" he had to make sure they became his swimwear too.

Jimmy gets his Jeans

“Uncle Jeb, do you still have those small sized jeans available?” Jeremiah asked.

“Yea, sure boy” uncle Jeb drawled. “What you need them for? You couldn’t wear them.”

“No, we were thinking like, maybe they fit Jimmy here.”

Uncle Jeb looked at Jimmy “You are Nathaniel’s boy, aren’t you?” he inquired.

“Yea, Mr. Stinger, the third one after Tommie and Johnnie.”

“Aaahw, please, call me uncle Jebediah like all others” the man said. “Well, you might be right about his size, and then you might not. Wait, I'll get them so you can try.”

“Mut Mr. Sti... I mean uncle Jeb, I have no money, and only monday I will receive my weekly dime.”

“Now don’t you worry about that, boy, we’ll work something out.” He went in to get the jeans.

“There’s a little problem” Jimmy flustered to Frankie.

“What now? Uncle Jeb said he would work something out for you.”

“That’s not what I mean.” Jimmy answered looking down at his boytoy poking alarmingly in his old pants. “I cannot undress and change like this”

“Just think hard of Mrs. Kettleclabber (the schoolteacher, who had a moustache and hips (ass) like a mule). If these jeans fit you, no one will ever notice your boner.”

Jimmy doubted that, looking at Frankie’s excitement in his jeans. But before he could remark something about that, uncle Jebediah returned with a rigid new dark-blue jeans. He held them before Jimmy’s legs and said: “You might be right there, Jerry, looks like the right size, try them if you want them,” and handed them to Jimmy.

The tought of Mrs. Kettleclabber hadn’t really helped so Jimmy, as he has taken them from uncle Jeb, unhappily looked around for some bushes to hide in while changing.

Uncle Jebediah had noticed Jimmy’s embarrassement and laughed it away. “Now don’t you be shy, boy, we all four have that thing between our legs, no shame in it if it works allright."

Jimmy looked around in the grinning faces of Jerry and Frankie. “How do you think it looked when I first put mine on?” Jeremiah winced.

Jimmy would not for his life let this chance evaporate, so Mrs. Kettleclabber got a last thought and he let his canvas pants drop around his ankles and stepped out of them, his boner standing proud.

“You are not a kid anymore,” observed Frankie looking at the bare-naked Jimmy who quickly stepped into the jeans and hauled them upwards.

“There is no rope-string to hold it up,” Jimmy said.

“No, stupid, you close all those small buttons in the front, here let me help you,” Jeremiah said, and hauled the jeans all the way up. Then he started closing the small buttons.

Meanwhile Frankie shoved and wriggled the jeans at Jimmy’s backside. When they were done Jeremiah called: “Just about right, ain’t it uncle?”

Uncle Jeb nodded, but Jimmy looked disappointed to his legs. “They are not half as tight as yours, I guess I need an even smaller size.” The tears almost sprung to his eyes. Blast, that had to happen of course to him.

“No, man!” Frankie giggled. “Mine were just like that. Now is where the swimming-part comes in, you’ll see how they will shrink the first time.”

“Are you sure?” Jimmy asked doubtfully

“Absolutely!” said Jeremiah. “Come, let’s go back to the river, you’ll see.”

“Now wait a minute,” uncle Jeb drawled “we still haven’t agreed on the price”

“What will they cost me then?” Jimmy wanted to know.

“Well, I was thinking, I need the dam in that stream there repaired. Frankie will help me there as payment for his jeans, but I think I could use another pair of hands. So if you can help us here on Saturday and Sunday after church, you’ll have paid for them as far as I’m concerned.”

“Wow uncle Jeb, are you sure?” Jimmy beamed.

“Yippee,” yelled Frankie “told you so! Are you joining us too, Jerry?”

“Whaddayathink” Jeremiah said “I too haven’t yet paid, after this weekend we’ll be even!”

“Come, let’s get soaked!” Frankie called and jumped upon his horse.

“See you all three Saturday then,” uncle Jebediah said and went back to his lawn-chair to doze off once more.

Swimming in Jeans

The three boys returned to the Green River Valley, got off the horses and walked to the river.

“C’mon!” Frankie yelled and backflipped right in. Jeremiah and Jimmy stepped in too.

Jimmy felt the stream pulling at his denim legs as he hauled his feet through the water. He watched Frankie emerge and Jerry stepping in deeper.

“The jeans are not shrinking” Jimmy remarked.

“No, stupid, you must soak them, come on in.” Frankie invited.

Slowly Jimmy stepped in deeper and deeper until the stream had completely submerged the new jeans. The water pulled at the rigid fabric and his boner was almost unbearable, especially when Jeremiah pushed himself onto Jimmy’s back, getting him in deeper and deeper.

“Remember how I barely dared to get the jeans wet the first time?” Frankie asked Jeremiah.

“Oohw yea, I remember” Jerry grinned. “I also remember how we got rid of your eueuh, let’s say boy-problem too.” He looked Jimmy in the eyes and then over the new shiny wet jeans with the huge bulge in them.

“Yea, me too” panted Frankie who had joined the other two in the mock-fight embrace. Then Jimmy slipped and all three, clinging together went under.

Getting up Frankie moaned: “I need some relief again too.” and grabbed his crotch.

The three boys stood in a little circle in the river, thigh-deep, and they rubbed the fronts of their new jeans over each other.

Jimmy wanted to open his jeans to give his dick some breathing-space but Frankie grabbed Jimmy’s bulge and panted: “Leave them on, I'll relieve you while wearing them."

Jeremiah sank down on his knees, head just above the water and kissed and caressed Jimmy’s ass, while Frankie kept rubbing the front of his jeans against Jimmy’s.

Soon Jimmy exploded and he felt a stream of his sperm shooting into his new jeans. He moaned and from the spasms of Frankie’s pelvis he knew that the same had happened to him. Then they both treated Jeremiah until he too spasmed and panting asked: “Come here, Jimmy, let me clean you up a bit.” Jimmy sank down in the water and Jerry put his hand in the front of Jimmy’s jeans and moved around somewhat near where he suspected Jimmy’s sperm would have ended up to. Meanwhile Frankie gave the same service to Jerry and the three boys were busy in each other jeans for minutes.

Ehen Frankie stood up again, a waterfall rushed out of his jeans that looked indeed a bit tighter still. “Come on out on the shore,” he told Jimmy, “let’s see if your jeans have already shrunk somewhat.”

Jimmy stood up too, looking unbelievingly at the turrent gushing from his jeans. They were indeed a bit tighter than they had been, though not near as tight as Frankie’s or Jerry’s.

“Don’t worry, yours will get at least ast tight as mine,” knew Jeremiah. “Just wait till you’ve dried and then soaked them a few times. Just wear them when wet, don’t hang them out to dry. They need to form after your body”

Jimmy had never before heard a guy talking about clothes that way, But from Jeremiah’s glistening wet, perfectly fitting jeans he understood exatly what the boy meant. They spent all afternoon in and near green river, all the time jumping in and drying off again.

When it was time to feed the chicken, Jimmy’s jeans had gotten a lot tighter already and he figured that helping uncle Jeb with his dam coming Saturday, standing once again in a stream all afternoon, would make them better and better. He easily could imagine these new pants would be a hit. Maybe even ten years from now more people would still wear them, maybe even in the coming 20th century and onwards.

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