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Wet Hygiene

One of the most important points to remember before sexy games is hygiene. You can have fun with this too. Hygiene does not have to be a solitary affair but nobody wants to go to bed with a smelly partner.

Enjoy a Bath or Shower

Always bathe or shower before and after your exercises and meditations. Wear soft clothes for this. Take a candlelight bath or a shower with your friend in preparation for a night of bliss and fun. Let the warm water flow over your clothes and down your body, gently touching every part of it.

Loose fitting soft clothes to enhance the sensual experience and add a wonderfully sensual texture to this wet experience. Start with a long oversized T-shirt. Feel how the soft fabric slowly soaks up water and hugs you gently, how it smoothly covers and caresses your body and covers your penis as it comes alive. Touch it, feel it. You may like it.

Lingam Hygiene

Look after your Lingam (penis, joystick) and keep it well maintained. Clean it well and look out for wear and tear.

Throughout your life a cheesy white material called smegma, which primarily consists of dead skin cells and secretions from sebaceous glands, will accumulate under your foreskin. Boys should be taught how to wash daily underneath the penis foreskin.

Clean Your Joystick

If your parents "forgot" about penis hyiene, you may be sexually challenged by an awkwardly foul-smelling penis. No worries. We even have fun cleaning it up:

A hard penis is easier to clean. Get into the shower and play until you get an erection. If you wear any clothes let it stick out for easy access.

Gently pull the foreskin all the way back to expose the head of your penis. It is a pleasant sensation to let the water flow over it, unless it is too hot.

Use your finger to remove any deposits from the fold. Wipe it off the tip of your penis (glans) carefully. This feels really good.

Wash the head of the penis, the shaft and the foreskin with mild soap and warm water. This creates a very pleasant feeling that may lead to orgasm.

Rinse it well afterwards and pull the foreskin back over the head of your penis into its normal position. Now put it back inside your wet clothes.

It is possible that this cleaning method leads to a blissful ejaculation and we hope you enjoy it often. After each ejculation simply clean up again and all is well. Once it becomes a joyful habit, it will lead to the maintenance of good hygiene, including the prevention of cancer of the penis or other infections.


Your breath is an important thing to consider as you will get into close contact with your friend throughout a Tantra session. If your breath smells like a cowpad or ashtray, you can be certain your night of lovemaking will be cut short.

The Kama Sutra suggests that 'sweet breath' will make for a positive sensual relationship. It goes on to emphasise 'good oral hygiene', and 'a good diet'. Drinking more than 5 cups of water a day will help perfume your breath.

Don't forget to brush your teeth and tongue thoroughly an hour before and after sex. If possible brush your teeth with one hand and your penis with the other. Hence some people say "brushing your teeth" when they mean masturbation.

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