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wet t-shirt

Wet Chas

    One of our regular readers often shares his views and occasionally posts an exciting story. Here is one for you to sample and enjoy.

A Story

Posted by wetchas on May 19, 2016 at 14:28:06

    Rob had never touched another guys cock. Now here he was, in his friend Jake's bathroom, both with their soaked T shirts clinging to them, trousers and pants round their ankles, wanking each other off.

    The lads had met in college. Both were from different schools, and consequently didn't know each other. They had naturally teamed up, and had become firm friends. However, as to each others sexual preferences they knew nothing.

    Rob happened to tell Jake one day that he was having problems with his maths assignment. "Why don't you come round to mine after school" said Jake. "We'll go through it together.

    At Jake's house they helped themselves to drinks, and went up to Jake's room. It was a huge house, very well presented, but homely at the same time.

    Jake fired up his PC and they spent a while discussing the maths problem. "Those Cokes gone through me fast." Jake said. "I've got to go for a piss."

    Whilst he was away Rob clicked onto the web browser, expecting Google or Bing to pop up.

    Imagine his surprise when a much more familiar page appeared, Wackywet. It was a wetsite he was very familiar with, as he spent hours on it.

    He clicked on the Beach Club page. Up came that familiar picture of two guys in the sea. He scrolled down to see if there were any fresh posts. Oh yes, another story from Jamie and Chris, he would read that later, probably whilst lying on his bed, cock in hand.

    He was interrupted from his thoughts by Jake returning to the room. He saw Jake colour up briefly with embassasment, so decided to take the lead.

    "I didn't know you were one of us" said Rob. "I'm Rob69. You may have read some of my posts.

    "No way. You bet I have" said Jake. "I loved the one a while back about the last day of school pool plunge. Did you really go in with all your school stuff on?"

    "Sure did" said Rob. "If you enjoyed reading about it, you would have enjoyed even more doing it.

    As they talked, they could not help but notice the boners forming in each others jeans. Both guys were soon groping away at each other.

    "I reckon we should continue this in the shower, said Jake. Both lads kicked off their shoes, emptied their pockets, and made for the bathroom.

    It was huge, had a large shower area with several heads. Jake flicked the switch and water came cascading out.

    Without further ado they hit the shower, that familiar feeling of water gushing over clothing soon consuming both of them.

    Two bottles of liquid soap were found, jean waistbands undone and the contents emptied and into briefs containing stiff penises.

    Their mouths met in a passionate kiss, each pulling the soggy jeans and underwear over their erections, releasing their stiff poles.

    After much grunting and groaning, Rob was the first to cum, shooting a stream of white sperm, most of which hit Jake on the leg.

    He returned the favour, much of his rope of sperm landing on the crotch of Robs briefs.

    After a few minutes to calm down, the enormity of what they had done hit them.

    "How am I going to get dry?" asked Rob.

    "Don't worry" Jake replied. "I'll put them into the tumble dryer."

    The lads stripped off and towelled down. They wrang their clothes out and chucked them into the dryer.

    "Right" said Jake. "Back to the maths." So begun a beautiful friendship.

Posted by Ant on May 21, 2016
    Fantastic story. Spontaneous wet look, wanking off and nudity at the end. I'm off for a clothed shower myself now chinos (no undies) short sleeved white shirt white socks and I'll wank off
Posted by Chris (and Jamie) on May 20, 2016
    Fame at last (or maybe "notoriety" ....) being mentioned in someone else's post! Good story, Wetchas, thanks.
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