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Welcome to our Swimwear Blog

There is much more to swimwear than bikinis and shorts. Swimming fashion varies a lot depending on your activities. We hope to clarify this a bit.

On this website we show you a wide variety of swimwear you can wear in the water, on the beach or around town. Look for quick drying swim clothes that are comfortable both wet or dry.

Stinger Suits

The ultimate swimwear for protection against jellyfish and sunburn is a stingersuit. When your choice for sun-safe swimwear calls for total coverage, stingersuits offer ankle-to-wrist protection. These light weight full body swimsuits are great for swimming in warm and lukewarm waters.

Frum, Not Frumpy

Modest swimwear can look stunning too and is now a growing trend, even outside the religious communities. More people are now looking at modest swimwear for convenience, style and sun protection, given a wide choice of styles and modern fabrics.

Swimsuit Style Diversity

Swimsuits used to be just bikinis, briefs or shorts. Now there is a wide variety of swimsuits available for all sorts of sports. Can you tell your jammers from your briefs, bikinis, leggings, and diveskins?

lycra swim shirt yellow swim shirts with thumb loops

Swim Shirts

Swim shirts are growing rapidly in popularity now. There are many names for fairly similar garments, like rashie, rashy, rash vest, or surf shirt, but they may refer to different uses.

Sunprotection Myth

Contrary to popular belief, short sleeved swim shirts do not magically protect your whole body from sunburn. They only cover your torso and shoulders.

Long sleeve hooded swim shirts with pants or leggings are the smart choice as they cover most areas you want to protect from the sun. Thumb loops stop the sleeves from riding up.