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Joys of Boarding at University

by Mark from California, USA

I hadn't been masturbating much for a while before the time of this story. But I'd remember pulling one out every night since then, sometimes even twice.

When I was 18 my parents decided to sent me to a university in California. Dorms there had anywhere from 4-6 guys and little to no privacy. Each room had own toilet and shower room ensuite, so we didn't have to go out out into the corridor. This turned out to be very useful.

The other guys weren't shy about getting naked in front of each other, even with hard-ons. I on the other hand was. I tried to keep to myself and change clothes in the corner.

But that didn't stop me from looking anyway. I was mesmerized my how large their erect penises were, which they often paraded with pride at bed time or in the morning.

I remember Brian who was 2 years older than me had 7 inches on him, Brad had over 7 1/2, Luke had close to 9! I was the smallest one there at 6 1/2, another reason to hide in the corner.

I wanted their penises, I had the great urge to masturbate with them, ideally in the shower. I wanted their wet clothes pressed up against mine and to masturbate each other. I'm not sure if anyone else had the same urge.

Masturbating in the toilets wasn't an option, you could hear the fapping sounds echo, and someone was always there. Plus I still wasn't quite used to the sensation and often moaned. I really couldn't take it, I was horny all the time, it actually was starting to hurt.

Something Miraculous Happened

A week after being there we went to our shower room after a very wet boating session. We were all soaking wet, dressed in long jeans, tee-shirts and hoodies.

Luke just closed the door of the shower room, locked it, stepped under the shower in all his clothes and said: "I'm not sure about you guys but I haven't jacked off in over a week since I've been here. These wet clothes are such a huge turn on. I'm jacking off."

Then Brad went: "Thank God! I thought no one was going to bring it up." He unzipped his wet jeans next to Brian and took out his huge penis.

Luke asked me if I wanted to join, that I shouldn't be embarrassed. I said I don't know. He then went to me and in a seductive voice said: "Come on Mark, you know you want to."

At that same time he started feeling my penis through my wet jeans which immediately became hard. He said I would really enjoy this. I liked what he was doing when he pulled down my jeans a little, and started jerking me and sucking me off.

It was too much excitement, standing under the shower in a long, sagging hoodie and my wet pants around my knees. I couldn't take it any longer and almost immediately came. My spunk shot all over his face and wet clothes, as well as three feet into the air. Still to date my strongest ejaculation. Wow, that felt so good.

Brian and Brad were masturbating each other under their shower, water rushing through their clothes. They were moaning like crazy. Thankfully the room was sound proof.

My penis was sore from the sucking it just took, but was still wanting more. I decided to return the favor and lick and suck Luke's huge juicy penis. He had more control, being older than me, and came in 10 minutes. His cum was so juicy and sweet in my mouth.

After that I sucked off Brad and Brian and they told me they were going to frot with me and jerk me off. I must've come 6 times that night and everyone's dick was sore for over a week.

We decided to make Friday our jerk off day. Eventually we got our hands on vibrators, dildos, and other clothes to get wet. Then full on sex which was very enjoyable for all of us and trained me to enjoy wet clothes today.

All throughout my university time we all opted to have the same room mates so we could jerk off and have sex every Friday, plus a few times inbetween.

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