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Skintight Jeans Soaked in the Stream

Story by Ty

Justin had just turned 18 and couldn't wait to see the house his parents had rented for their summer vacation. From the online pictures the place looked great; his mom already told him he could have one of the ground floor bedrooms that had its own door to the backyard patio.

The best part was that the house was just 300 feet from a stream, and Justin couldn't stop thinking about how he would explore every inch of it. Maybe he’d even be able to go wading in the stream in jeans and with a little bit of luck he’d be able to use that backdoor to sneak into the house without his parents seeing his wet clothes.

The only bad part was that he had no friends to do it with; he’d be all alone at the vacation house. Thinking more about how he’d be alone rather than being with his family, the only jeans he packed for the trip were two of his tight skinnies that his mom hated and one pair of impossibly skintight jeans that he’d outgrown last year. In the car during the trip up to the house, Mom said “I sure hope you took other pants since those are too small and you should throw them out.” He said “Yeah, I got other stuff,” and prayed that she would stop her usual complaining about his too-skinny jeans.

When they got to the house, Justin was thrilled to see that he really would have a private room at the other end of the house from his parents’ bedroom, with its own outside door. But instead of having lots of time to explore the stream and the surroundings, to his massive annoyance his parents insisted he join them on a few shopping trips the first two days to stock up on food and household items for their stay. And now his mom was motioning for him to come over to where his parents were talking to some random people in this supermarket.

Justin meets Paul

Sometimes good news comes from places you least expect. As the pissed-off teen walked down the aisle toward his parents he saw another family with a girl and boy who looked roughly his age. He couldn't help noticing that they were both in super tight jeans too. But his interest changed to delight when his parents said that by coincidence this family had also newly moved into the house just down the road.

The two boys, recognizing they probably would be the only friends they see for the rest of the summer, grinned and introduced themselves; it turned out Alison was in the grade below and Paul was a year ahead. Justin quickly agreed that he’d bike over tomorrow morning to hang out. Paul said maybe they could go exploring since there’s a stream nearby and they immediately realized it surely had to be the same stream.

That night, Justin could barely sleep, hoping that he would hit it off with Paul and fantasizing that maybe Paul liked getting wet in jeans like he did. That was Justin's secret, for some crazy reason once he hit puberty he liked to take a shower and masturbate in the wet jeans if he could risk it without his mom discovering. He knew from messing around online that he was hardly the only kid who liked to do that, but of course there was no way he would dare confide in any of his friends at school about this weird habit.

First Wet Adventure

Realizing that he could leave directly from his room so that his mom wouldn't see him as he left the house, Justin put on his impossibly skintight jeans. There wasn't even room for any underwear, and the tight, worn and abraded denim stretched obscenely over his completely revealing crotch. He pulled his t-shirt down lower to hide it and biked over to Paul’s place. It turned out that Allison wanted to do something with her mom so today it would just be the two boys hanging out.

Paul immediately noticed how Justin's jeans were absolutely skin tight on his legs and wanted to say that he too liked super skinnies. After they played a video game for a few minutes, Paul finally worked up enough courage to say that he thought Justin's jeans were kinda cool and that his mom complained when he wore them that snug. Justin admitted that his mom was the same way but he didn't care, since he liked how they looked. Justin wanted to say something more about how good the tight jeans felt especially when wet, but he couldn't even hint at it. Instead, he said “Hey, do you maybe wanna go explore the stream?” Paul grinned and said yeah he’d been meaning to do that too and maybe they could follow it all the way downstream to see if it really passed Justin's house.

Paul had a funny look on his face and said, hesitantly in a soft voice, “Hey uh, not to be weird or anything but uh, maybe I can wear my old skinnies too… I mean just in case they get dirty I won't mess up my good jeans.” Justin didn't want to seem too obvious so he simply said that would be cool, and Paul disappeared down the hall, returning a minute later in sprayed-on faded jeans moulded to his skinny body. His t-shirt wasn't long enough to cover the tight denim over his crotch that clearly showed his shape. Justin exclaimed, “Wow, those are tight!” and Paul said with a grin, “Yeah some girls in my class say they are tighter than their skinnies.” Both secretly wanted to say something about the pure sexuality of their jeans and how they masturbated in them, but neither dared.

Into the Stream

The two boys set out for the stream and discovered that it was only a foot or two deep. Each thought to himself that that meant no real wading, but at least there were lots of big rocks to hop in the middle of the stream. That was irresistible and inevitably led to a few slips and falls into the shallow water, getting their sneakers and the bottoms of their skinny jeans wet.

Justin felt his dick start to get hard but hoped the bulge didn't show too much in his tight jeans. He also noticed that as Paul’s jeans started to sag a little as they got wet, there didn't seem to be a waistband of underwear. He wondered if Paul too was not wearing boxer briefs and just had the skintight jeans rubbing against his dick and balls. He told himself he wasn't gay but was worried that it was impossible to stop thinking about that.

As they worked their way downstream they noticed it was getting deeper. They rock-hopped down a big bend in the stream and were surprised to see that the next hundred yards of the stream were strewn with giant boulders in what looked like three and maybe five feet of crystal clear water.

Justin tried to push out of his mind the idea of getting his jeans totally wet. He knew Paul would think it weird. And no way he'd be able to hide what would surely be a massive hard-on visible in the wet clinging jeans. But of course that’s all his brain could think about.

Paul liked the idea that he and his new friend were daring and teasing each other to jump on far-apart small rocks where there was a good chance one of them would miss and fall in the water. He hadn't had as many opportunities to get wet in jeans as Justin, but he loved how skintight jeans felt on him, and the idea of doing something wrong or risky, like getting wet, just seemed like a big turn-on.

After a few slips on the rocks, both boys were standing in water just a few inches below their jeans crotches. They pretended not to notice that each was obviously quite hard, and kept adjusting their jeans crotches. The boys saw that just 15 feet downstream were two massive boulders in the centre of the stream. “I dare you to get up on that boulder,” Paul said with a grin, feeling that Justin would probably take it.

Justin's heart started beating faster at the idea of wading deeper but he didn't want to seem too eager. “Uh...Ok well it looks sort of deep, I dunno… OK, I’d do it if you will too.”

Paul grinned and said “You bet!” So the two boys waded up to the rock, the warm water just lapping at the bottom of their jeans crotches.

Justin couldn't take it any longer. “Are you gonna get your junk wet?” Paul paused for a second, not wanting to sound too weird. “Yeah, I mean it’s no big deal, our jeans will dry off and besides we’re already wet.”

They took another step, soaking their jeans crotches in the stream water. Justin moaned softly and hoped Paul didn't hear it, but the warm water soaking into his jeans over his hardon and balls felt intensely good. Each looked down at how the slow current was pushing the warm water against their obvious jeans bulges, which turned them on even more, but once again they couldn't dare say anything about it.

Justin was the first to hoist himself up on the bigger boulder and Paul immediately scrambled up next to him. The top of the boulder was completely muddy, probably from an earlier flood. But there was no choice and they sat down in the mud.

There was an awkward moment when both boys’ wet jeans legs were pressed close together as they sat atop the muddy boulder, the shape of their rockhard cocks now apparent in the wet glistening jeans, with the mud, warmed by the sunshine, soaking into their jeans asses.

“Wow. These jeans are so tight that when they get wet, it shows your shape,” Justin said out of the blue, feeling he somehow had to explain what they both saw and felt. There was a moment of silence when Paul didn't respond and Justin was nervous again that he said something that would embarrass Paul.

Getting Stuck

Paul broke the tension with another dare. “Do you think we could both fit into that space in the stream between the two boulders? If you get in there first, I’ll get in too.” It was a totally crazy idea since it was clear the space would barely hold one body, let alone two.

His heart pounding, Justin lowered himself into the waist-deep water, soaking the bottom of his T-shirt. He moved in between the two boulders and looked up at Paul. “I don't think it's gonna work. If you slide down in here, we’re never gonna get out.”

Subconsciously, Paul knew that meant Justin wanted him to, and Paul wanted to take the risk. He started sliding down the big boulder with Justin guiding his legs down into the tight space. He got stuck just as his wet bulging crotch was right in front of Justin's face. “Hey, get your dick outta my face!” Justin yelled, and both boys laughed at their momentary predicament.

Paul kept wiggling down the boulder and was halfway into the small space when his hand slipped and his body fell the remaining two feet to the bottom of the steam. Both boys were impossibly pressed together in the tight space, their legs, crotches, stomachs and chests smashed together. It was hard to keep their faces from touching.

“HEY!” exclaimed Justin, “how are we gonna get out of here?” Both boys giggled nervously, scared and turned on at the same time. Paul said: “Well I guess we can just sort of wiggle against each other and get up bit by bit until we can grab the top of the rock.” Their jeans hard-ons were pressed directly into each other; there was no hiding it. They knew that getting out of this space, with the warm water flowing past their skintight jeans, would mean pressing their rockhard cocks against each other.

Justin started to push against Paul, trying to get some leverage to lift himself even an inch or two, but all he did was grind harder into Paul’s jeans. His heart was pounding and his cock was throbbing. He had to say something. “Uh... I guess the uh... getting my skinnies wet sort of gave me... uh... I mean like a little bit of a boner.”

Another long moment of silence. Justin felt he was going to die.

But Paul said softly, “Yeah. I know. I mean I sort of got the same.”

This time it was Paul’s turn to try. He pushed hard against Justin's body, wiggling himself an inch higher, but as soon as he stopped pushing against the rock, he sank back, his jeans hard-on again rolling over Justin's hard-on. The harder they tried, the more water splashed over their T-shirts.

Justin softly moaned as the pure sexual feeling of pressing against his skintight wet jeans took over. He wanted to masturbate in those jeans that very second, but he couldn't dare to.

“We’re gonna be stuck here forever unless we just keep pushing against each other and inch by inch we can get out,” said Paul, trying not to think of how his cock could take that pressure.

“Yeah,” said Justin, as he took a deep breath. Suddenly, at exactly the same instant, both boys pushed hard against the boulder and against each other’s skinny body, grinding their wet jeans crotches hard into each other. They knew it was wrong but couldn't stop.

Cumming Together by Accident

Justin felt that first faint hint of an orgasm and grunted with the sheer force of the boys’ wet jeans cocks pressed together. Paul closed his eyes and said “just keep... just keep... uh... pushing... oh my...” His voice trailed off as he started to give into the intense feeling that was overwhelming him.

The hormones in Justin's body took over. He thrust hard again and again into Paul’s wet jeans. His hands somehow wrapped about Paul’s muddy jeans ass, feeling how skintight the jeans were stuck to his ass cheeks, as he pulled their bodies together.

Paul’s hands slipped down to Justin's jeans belt loops and he too pulled closer, jamming their bodies together, as the boys were now shamelessly and brazenly grinding their wet jeans crotches into each other. They knew how this would end but they were powerless to control it.

Justin was barely able to get the words out: “We gotta stop cuz...cuz...oh fuck... oh...” It was too late, the first wave of the orgasm started deep in Justin's body. The boys were humping in unison, pushing their wet crotches against each other. The first blast of warm semen squirted out of Justin's hard-on, coating the inside of his jeans and penetrating Paul’s jeans. The sensation of his friend’s warm and sticky goo soaking into his jeans made Paul instantly cum, as his entire body gave into the orgasm.

Their eyes closed, the idea that their hard cocks were separately only by two layers of thin wet cumsoaked denim was insanely sexy. Each boy thrust again and again into the other, pumping more and more thick sticky cum into each other's jeans. As their orgasms finally subsided, they knew there was no way to deny it.

“All that rubbing sorta got me off a little bit,” said Justin. Paul grinned and said: “Yeah me too, I guess we were just... uh... sort of rubbing too hard. I mean I wasn't trying to jack off.”

“Me neither,” said Justin. But both kept pressing their jeans hard-ons into each other, now feeling the slippery goo inside their wet jeans, coating their hard cocks and balls. The last squirts of slimy semen oozed out, soaking their jeans. The powerful orgasms finally subsided, each boy out of breath.

“Oh bummer, my jeans are a mess. I’m sorry, I didn't mean to...” Paul’s almost whispered.

They were excited, embarrassed and scared at the same time.

“It’s OK. I mean I did it too. And it’s just, uh I mean it’s just you know, like we both JO’d so it’s not like anything weird,” Justin said defensively and nervously.

Now free to push into each other’s body as hard as necessary, they finally wiggled out of the tight spot, scrambled up the big boulder and looked down at their wet jeans clinging to their bodies, outlining their hard-ons and glistening with thick cum, some of which dripped down their jeans thighs. It was an impossible turn-on and yet they’d never done anything like this with another boy so it was hard to talk about.

Wading Downstream

Justin said, matter of factly: "Let’s just walk downstream. I think this goes to my house and then we can get the mud off our jeans and maybe use the dryer if my parents won't see us." They waded downstream, their brains thinking only of how amazing it felt to be in wet jeans and to be grinding to intense orgasm, but deliberately didn't talk about it, it was just too hot to discuss, but each knew the other was thinking about it. Paul thought his boner would go away but instead he remained rock-hard as they continued wading and as he kept stealing glances at how Justin's wet jeans clung to his ass and crotch. Justin was looking at Paul the same way.

To their relief, the stream did indeed go to Justin's house and the boys got out of the stream and walked the short distance to the house. Justin was praying that his parents would be out and was happy that their car wasn't in the driveway. Maybe they’d have enough time to wash off their jeans and put them in the dryer before his parents got back. Annoyingly, he couldn't find a hose in the backyard, so Justin said: “We can still get directly into my bedroom and since nobody's home we can use the little hose in the shower to wash off our jeans.”

Clean-up Shower

Paul kept his jeans and T-shirt on as he stepped into the shower. Justin aimed the handheld sprayer at Paul’s body. The water came out with surprising force.

Paul said with a big grin: “OK, get me clean,” twisting so his muddy jeans ass pointed towards Justin, who stepped into the shower with Paul and rinsed the mud off in seconds, not caring that some of the water was splashing back onto his own T-shirt and jeans.

“Turn around!” ordered Justin. Paul did, revealing the wet denim stretched obscenely taut over his obviously rockhard cock. Both boys were looking at each other's wet jeans crotches. Their hormones took over. Paul said softly: “The wet jeans on my junk just make me wanna fap again.”

Justin couldn't believe his friend was saying EXACTLY what he was thinking. “Yeah, it's like driving me crazy,” he replied. Paul reached down to adjust his bulging cock in his jeans and moaned softly as he pressed down on it. Justin's brain was racing. He playfully put the sprayer just five inches in front of Paul’s bulge, the force of the water made it splash all over their jeans. Paul just kept rubbing his jeans hard-on, as the water cascaded over his jeans, softly moaning “oh ...oh...ooh.”

Justin took a step closer. Both boys looked at each other, knowing they had no choice but to give into the intense feeling of the wet skintight jeans.

“Do you wanna...” Paul said, almost in a whimper. “Yeah, sure,” said Justin as the water streamed over their hard-ons. Paul grabbed the sprayer and somehow jammed it in Justin's waistband, just as Justin reached around to Paul’s waist, pulling him closer. Both their hands dropped to each other's jeans' asses, pulling their bodies hard into each other while the sprayer was stuck in Justin's jeans, sending a forceful jet of water into their crotches.

They couldn't resist grinding into each other, oblivious to whether anyone might come in and catch them. It took only a few thrusts before both orgasmed again, squirting thick warm cum into each other's jeans. Semen splattered everywhere.

The force of the orgasm was too strong and both boys just collapsed onto each other on the shower floor, water splashing over their wet clothes. Their hormones had taken over their brains and all they could do was lie there, bodies on top of each other, sticky hands all over their slimy, cum soaked jeans crotches, smearing the sticky goo all over their jeans and bodies.

The deep pleasure of their cumsoaked wet jeans gave way to panic when they suddenly heard the sound of voices...

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