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Parties and Social Life

The shower room on our dorm floor doubled as our social common room, with garden chairs and a table. In a side room, behind a sound proof door, were were washing machines and driers.

When lessons and tutorials finished by 18:00h (6pm) the students returned to their dorms to freshen up. Although we all had our own bathroom, the shower room was where we gathered in the early evening, mainly to do some of the laundry. This was always a nice event which I enjoyed a lot.

Many students just took a shower in what ever clothes wore for the day. After letting the warm water run through our clothes for a while, we stopped the shower and lathered up with a lot of shampoo or soap, often with the help of a friend.

Then we sat around the table and let the soap do it's magic while we chatted about the events of the day. Finally we rinsed our clothes under the shower, put them all into the dryer and dried each other off. Anyone who got a boner a this point was awarded with a big hug from the others.

The reason for this ritual was quite logical. First, we often did our daily laundry that way. Second, it was required to take a shower before you're allowed into the pool hall for social gatherings, even if we intended to keep our clothes dry, at least for a while. Besides, it's good manners to wash before social events. You never know whose bed you might end up in.

Truth or Shower

As I walked to the kitchen I noticed some fellow students from our floor were relaxing in the social common room (the showers). They sat in chairs under the shower heads, still dry. Most were fully clothed, some in sportswear, a few were naked.

"Come and join us!" one of them said.

So I walked in and sat down in a chair underneath a shower head. One of the seniors told us all how things were done in the student accommodation. He explained the kitchen procedures and why we were sitting in the shower room.

Then we introduced ourselves and talked about our hobbies and what we do for fun.

Dylan suggested a "Truth or Dare" game which he called "Truth or Shower". This is probably the best game to learn more about the other students by asking embarrassing questions. Playing it does not require much preparation or expensive materials, and can be enjoyed at a party or a night meeting to test the sincerity or the boldness of your friends.

Everyone in the group could ask anybody a question. They could either answer truthfully, or push the shower button. Then it was their turn to ask a question.

Dylan started and asked Andreas, one of the naked guys: "What’s your wildest fantasy?" His reply was: "To watch you all push the shower button."

Andreas asked Takeshi who wore nice sportswear: "Who in the room do you think would be a hot date?" Takeshi hesitated with embarrassment, looking at Colin, but then reached back and pushed the shower button. Within a minute he was soaked to the skin.

Takeshi then asked Leon: "Which of the players in this group wears the most sensual and daring clothes?" He replied: "Dylan. His hooded tracksuit makes him look very seductive."

Then Leon asked Dylan: "Do you shower in clothes?" Dylan simply said: "Yes!" "Prove it!" challenged Leon. Dylan pulled his hood up and pushed the shower button. It took the full minute to completely soak his tracksuit. He looked very hot in wet clothes.

Dylan asked Leander: "Very affectionately kiss another student under the shower for one minute. The group can choose whom." Leander was a very handsome boy with long hair, dessed in a thin hoodie and nylon pants, similar to my clothes. Faced with this challenge we could see a tent arising in his thin pants. The group discussed and then chose me. PANIC!

"Come on Timmy, your chance to get intimately wet with a hot guy!" shouted Andreas. I felt a boner coming on as I slowly walked over to Leander. He moved the chair aside and we held each other close. Then he pushed the shower button and kissed me passionately as our clothes got soaking wet. When the shower stopped after a minute, the group shouted "Extra! Extra!" and Leander pushed the button again. He kissed beautifully, hugged me all over, rubbed against me, and we both shot a lot of white stuff into our wet pants. The group was ecstatic with their applause when they saw our cum oozing out.

Over the evening everybody got soaking wet. We fetched long nylon capes for the naked guys to wear under the shower. Finally we made sure everybody had hugged and kissed everybody else under the shower as a welcome gesture to our dorm floor.

Poolside Socials

Students came to the pool in the evenings after all other sessions had finished, to chill out on poolside and have fun with no particular training programme or dress code.

Smart casual was the usual style, with chinos, polo shirts, and hoodies. For hygiene reasons, we always showered before we got dressed for the evening, just in case someone fell in to the pool, which happened every night. Some students who just arrived from work took a shower on poolside in their day clothes.

We enjoyed conversations about interesting topics with students from other faculties which we normally don't meet during the day. Among us sports and psychology students the conversation often turned to sports and sex, and how to enhance the experience.

These meetings always remained dry for quite a while, but you could feel the sexual tension, especially from the non-sport faculty students who had been dry all day. Everyone quietly wondered who would first be in the pool, looking good in all their smart clothes.

You were not supposed to just jump in, but had to wait until someone gently pushed you in. Some walked very close along the pool edge to provoke the others. The unspoken purpose was to hook up with someone for a bit of wet fun. Hikaru and I always enjoyed an open relationship and occasionally picked up a couple of guys.

White Nights

Every Monday was a special poolside event where you could wear whatever you want, as long as it was white and unlined. Everybody looked so pure when they arrived on poolside. These popular hook-up events were both elegant and stimulating, a nice way to get to know each other. The poolside often got quite crowded and soon more and more fell into the pool, or got pushed.

Hikaru and I usually dressed in tee-shirts and thin cotton or nylon pants. Sometimes we added a poncho or anorak. This very comfy outfit looked fairly decent when dry and very sexy wet wet. For our erotic water games we often found interesting playmates at this pool party.

Fetish Nights

On Friday evenings was Fetish Night, a pool party event organised by the Psychology Faculty. The purpose was to give everybody a chance to express themselves and try out new ways to have fun.

Hikaru and I were really looking forward to this, but a bit unsure what to wear on the first night we went there. We had no idea what the others would come up with?

We could go naked, sporting nothing but a boner. I wasn't so sure about that. Altough it would feel quite liberating, it somehow lacked imagination. In the end we decided to wear nothing but our ankle long hiking capes.

When we arrived in the pool hall, it was already quite busy and very colourful, with swimmers wearing a wide variety of party outfits. We walked around the pool to see what was in fashion. Seeing all these swimmers having a good time in wet clothes got me very excited. I pulled my arms inside my dry hiking cape and folded them across my chest to hide my boner.

Tom and Andy welcomed us, dripping wet in hoodies and thin cargo pants. It was clearly visible that they were very excited and had fun.

"Hey, you two look cool in your capes. Are you turned on yet?" Tom asked while gently touching my cape half way down to check for my boner. That felt good. He was happy with what he found.

"Go take a shower and join us!" Ingo said while looking at our dry capes with big eyes.

In the shower cubicle Hikaru did not make me cum like he usually does, but just helped me get my cape wet inside and out. He said I should wear my boner with pride, like he did. We left the showers with our wet rain capes stuck to our bodies, leaving nothing to imagination.

We joined Ingo, Tom and Andy in the shallow part of the pool. Swimming in nothing but a rain cape felt really naughty, like swimming naked, but being touched all over.

After a while we went into the warm-up pool. It was so crowded that Hikaru sat directly in front of me, rubbing his back against me. This was a huge turn on as our wet nylon capes were sliding over each other every time we moved. And Hikaru moved a lot, knowing exactly what that was doing to me. When he turned around to kiss me, it made me cum immediately.

As I blissed out and relaxed, I wrapped my arms around Hikaru's waist to keep him still, but it didn't make much difference. So I moved my right arm inside his cape through the wide sleeve and rubbed his erect penis. He just needed a few gentle strokes to cum quickly. Then he calmed down a fair bit and leaned back on me to relax. Peace at last.

Toey Shared Bed and Bath

Sharing bed and bath with other students was quite common at this university. About two weeks after we've moved in Accommodation Services asked us to take in a student whose room had been flooded and required construction work for a week or two. I wondered what he had been up to.

Toey lived with us while his roommate stayed with the boys next door. He was a cute and frisky fresher, always out for fun, always horny, but quite exhausting. We took turns to keep him sexually satisfied.

Our bed was big enough for him to sleep with us and join our pleasures. He was a fast-shot like me, so he often woke me up in the night for a quicky in our nylon pants. Once we filled them with cum we fell back asleep. I quite enjoyed that.

We taught him everything we knew about wet fun. Toey was new to swimming in clothes, usually just wore a white swimsuit. Over the weeks we made him wear most of his sportswear in the pool, and then some of our kit. He was quickly hooked because he enjoyed it so much.

After his two week stay, he moved back in with his senior student and they became intimate friends. Both often cum to join us for some wet fun. Sex and sports are a great way to keep the immune system fit, so we were encouraged by the university's medical services to keep active.

Restful Sleep

Hikaru noticed that I wasn't sleeping as restless while Toey was with us, probably because he often made me cum in the night. Since then Hikaru made me shoot into my sleepwear or a towel whenever I'm restless. He is so lovely and caring to this day. I'm so grateful that Accommodadtion Services hooked me up with such a great man and the other lovely students on our corridor.

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