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My Roommate

The next day in the evening my roommate Hikaru arrived, one year my senior. Over dinner we've found out that we have similar interests and habits. He's gay too, very handsome and friendly, loves swimming and other watersports, and talks very direct, very much to the point. I like that.

Decision Point

He looked at the big bed and asked how I felt about sharing it, or if I would prefer twin beds. This got me confused, looking at him, then the bed, then at him, then the inviting big bed. Too many mixed emotions. He said, he likes big beds, and so we agreed to keep it. Actually, I quite liked the prospect of sharing the bed with him over the next two terms, and possibly another two or three years.

Bed Time

It was getting late and I decided to sleep in my swim shirt and nylon pants, as they are very comfy. Hikaru wore a hooded cotton pyjama. Normally I sleep naked, but I wasn't sure how he would feel about it. Found out later, he's completely easy about such things.

Getting to Know Each Other

We went to bed and lay silently for a while after he turned the lights off. I was a bit too shy to talk and wondered what Hikaru was thinking or what he wanted to do next. After a while he turned towards me and said: "Tell me about your sex life."

Nice icebreaker. I didn't know what to say, was too surprised about such an unexpected request and merely asked why.

Hikaru said: "Look, Timmy, we're going to share bed and bath, spend a lot of time together intimately. It would help to know what you like and do, so we can be at ease with each other. We're roommates now, so let's mate."

That made sense to me. However, what did he mean with "Let's mate"? What might be his mating ritual? I turned towards him and asked what he wanted to know.

He held my hand ans said: "Our sexual urges are part of our nature and have to be taken care of like daily hygiene. This is very important for our health, and I take care of it every day. How often and at what times do you masturbate?"

"Just quickly in the morning, before homework, and at night. And you?"

"About the same, whenever I feel like it," he said. "Do you prefer to be alone for that?"

"Not really. I quite like it when someone is there. It's not so lonely."

"And you have no problem if I masturbate next to you?" I could sense some exitement in his voice.

"No problem, go right ahead if you wish."

"Do you cum in your clothes, or catch it outside?" he asked slowly.

"My nylon pants dry quickly, so I cum inside. Keeps the sheets clean."

"Same here," he continued. "My pyjama pants soak it up and I rinse them in shower when I get up."

"All this talk is giving me a boner already," I said quietly with some embarrassment while pre-cum oozed into my pants.

"Oh, good, let's get busy then," he laughed. He moved close to me and we both started masturbating in our clothes. I quickly shot my stuff into my rainpants, way too soon.

"That was quick!" Hikaru said.

"Yes, that's my little problem. I cum too quickly."

"There is a way to fix that over time. Takes some regular exercise. I can help you with that," he said while he continued stroking his joystick inside his cotton pyjamas.

"Oh, really? How?" I asked.

"Multiple orgasms." he said. "You can cum a second time, harder to get, but usually feels a lot better. Now is time for our bedtime shower. Do you enjoy the sensual feeling of wet clothes?"

"Erm, yes, sort of..." I said quietly. "Tried it yesterday in the shower as some swimmers suggested, but shot my lot so fast, I couldn't quite tell. Felt kind of good, though."

"Oh, great, I'm glad I don't have to hide this from you. Wet clothes are a huge turn on for me."

He explained to me how it all works and that the hoodies he usually wears are actually part of his swimming kit. Then he suggested I should go for a quick pee so my body could reload.

While the foamy bath was filling up, I could feel a stirring in my loins as I watched him step under the shower in his white pyjamas, water running through and turning them somewhat transparent, his boner tenting the soft cotton. I watched him rub is penis with growing excitement.

He gently pulled me into the shower and began to hug me. As my soft nylon clothes got wet I felt an erection coming on. When the bath was full, we sat down. The feeling of wet clothes in the water was amazing, even better than under the shower. Touching his wet cotton hoodie felt so soft. His big cock tented the almost transparent white pyjama pants. He moaned with pleasure whenever I touched it.

We kept massaging and pumping each other. I was amazed how stimulating wet clothes can be, and happy that he helped me get a full hard-on inside my baggy wet pants. Soon we both climaxed together. It was a great start for our wet friendship.

Welcome Shower for Hikaru

The next day Robbie told to us that tonight was a Welcome Shower for Hikaru. That evening we both dressed in my nylon pants and his white hoodies to show that we were now friends. The group welcomed us to the shower room and asked Hikaru many questions. Then they wanted to see how close we are and asked us to hug and kiss under the shower until we cum. We put our hoods up and stepped under the running shower. The others huddled up close and got very wet. Someone rubbed my stiff penis and I soon ejaculated together with Hikaru. Big applause and hugs for the group. Hikaru was accepted into our dorm floor.


Hikaru and I are on the Human Sexuality course of the Psychology faculty. We learn how the mind and emotions work and how it affects sports performance. The best part was the homework. We were initially asked to do this with our roommates and later with others. Nui, a psychology junior on our dorm floor, often joined us when three students were needed for a project.

We spent our first term together getting a lot of different clothes wet in the bath and shower to find out what effect different clothes have, both wet and dry. We often went to the pool as well to swim in these clothes. Talking about how we felt was an important part of this assignment.

Hikaru felt that I should learn to control my ejaculations by doing a variety of experiments. We started in bed where he shared with me a few different masturbation techniques. For this we both wore thin nylon pants and tops to catch the cum and keep the bed clean. It was a wonderful time to learn and getting to know Hikaru really well. Such a lovely and caring boi.

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